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Matt Walsh: Penny For Your Thoughts


Published on TheBlaze.com: Matt Walsh, your doomsday posts may drive our fellow #Never Trumps to a mental health facility instead of the polls. Read More »

Election 2016 / Politics

Trouble, Left and Right


Sometimes I experience a brief period of optimism, a day here and there, occasionally more. The good days come less often as the weeks pass. I was so happy to get to 2016, Obama’s last year in office, election year. The campaign started off great, with quite a good field of candidates, some old faces, and some fresh ones. There was a general feeling in the air that this year would be good for conservatives. The electorate had seen and heard enough from the current quasi-socialist administration. There was real anger. Of course it was discomfiting to see so

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Should Bernice Get An Apology?


I’m in hot water with some of my loved ones because they feel that I was unduly harsh toward Bernice, the subject of a previous post (Who’s Helping The Poor?) Bernice’s mother and father have been surrogate parents to my children, and I love and trust them. It’s a parent’s instinct to always protect their child, even after the child is an adult. This is doubly true of fathers and daughters. My husband tells me that although his daughter (from a previous marriage) has grown children of her own, he still feels protective of her. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go proposition, and

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Truth Is Not Hate…


2015 was a tough year. An interaction that really stands out involves a hateful note to me from someone I’d thought of as a friend for twenty plus years. Yes, I anticipated vitriol when I decided to blog. It was surprising, though, that it came from someone so close. She posted a meme on Facebook – from “Being Liberal with Melissa Lawrence.” I took that to mean she was implying that conservatives are not loving or kind. I commented, “We feel the same way.” or something along those lines. Her biting retort, which I don’t recall now, was like a dare, and

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Who Is Helping The Poor?


Happy 2016! I’m rested and ready to get to work. I had planned to write on a different topic today, but I was perusing Facebook when a young woman I’ll call Bernice, hit me with an ugly leftist post. I dearly love this girl. She’s a bright college senior and she’s been sucking up knowledge like a sponge for the last three and a half years. I could say that’s a good thing except that our institutions of higher learning are no longer guiding and leading students to seek truth, but most often are indoctrinating and propagandizing the collective

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It’s Time To Speak Up For America, Or You’ll Get The America You Deserve

Double Rainbow over Okeefenokee Swamp

I have always felt a strong sense of respect for the office of the president. It didn’t matter whether I had voted for him or which party he was from, by virtue of holding the highest office in the world, he had my respect. Look at pictures of any past president at his Inauguration, and then again at his end of term. See the stress and worry of thousands of difficult decisions etched on his face. I cannot imagine carrying the weight of each of those judgments, but I know without a second thought, that it is the toughest


Progressives Intolerant Of All Things Republican

I believe this is the finest group of Republican presidential nominees we’ve fielded in 35 years. We have the Libertarian, three very impressive first generation immigrants, an ordinary woman who punched her way through the proverbial glass ceiling while the boys club looked on, a brilliant doctor who came from dire poverty and propelled himself to incredible heights. None of these candidates are career politicians from the ruling elite, and none come from privilege. Each offers the unique perspective that only comes from personal struggle with oppression, poverty, hunger, or persecution. We’d do well to listen to their stories and take