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Hypocrisy is in Fashion for 2017


I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump and I’m certainly not a Trump apologist, but the hypocrisy, bias, manipulation, and outright lies the media has not only allowed and made socially acceptable, but propagated about him, his family, and his campaign are so vicious and overblown that I feel the need to defend him publicly…which angers me enormously. Designer Sophie Therrault, who has dressed Michele Obama for the last eight years, has stated she will never dress Melania Trump, and has urged fellow designers to follow suit. She stated, in part:  I am well aware it is not

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The Deal with The Donald

CPC Donald Trump

  Weary of hearing about deals from Donald Trump? “Deal” is a buzzword, a slogan, and probably about as prescient as “Hope and Change” was in 2008. The Republican Party is imploding before our eyes, and we seem powerless to stop the slow motion accident heading toward disaster. This is a sad state of affairs for our country and for those who are “Conservative,” if not necessarily Republican. Principles and values have guided us to put well-merited faith in our Founders. Our nation’s troubles are a direct consequence of viewing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with disdain

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Dear Senator Cruz, Please Kick Trump In The…


Dear Senator Cruz, You are a truly classy guy and a gentleman. We love that you don’t get down in the gutter with Mr. Trump. That being said, if you believe as we do, that you are the only true conservative in the race, that our country is at the precipice of disaster, that you are the best answer to the corruption, cronyism, and lies that have been propagated on the American people, then please read on. Some of us are paying attention; we know what time it is. We see the demise of the United States happening before

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Trouble, Left and Right


Sometimes I experience a brief period of optimism, a day here and there, occasionally more. The good days come less often as the weeks pass. I was so happy to get to 2016, Obama’s last year in office, election year. The campaign started off great, with quite a good field of candidates, some old faces, and some fresh ones. There was a general feeling in the air that this year would be good for conservatives. The electorate had seen and heard enough from the current quasi-socialist administration. There was real anger. Of course it was discomfiting to see so


A Heavy Blow to Constitutional Conservatism


I am deeply saddened by the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia. The man was a stalwart constitutionalist. I can think of no higher praise. Some were surprised to find that his opinions fell on both sides of the political divide during his years on the Supreme Court. At a time when political ideology more often rules the Courts and when the term ‘judicial activism’ is somewhat redundant, he stood on the side of intellectual honesty. There is nothing more we can ask of our jurists. Justice Scalia was deeply committed to preserving the integrity of our Constitution, and in

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The Two Corinthians to Donald Trump: “How Great Thou Art?”


I am living in an alternate universe, or perhaps bizarre world. The President of Liberty University has endorsed an individual that is not in line with the spirit for which Liberty University stands. Rev. Falwell Jr., in my opinion, is either naive or ignorant of Mr. Trump’s behavior of the recent past regarding abortion and women. Also, his wide-ranging political theory, without regard for our Constitution, is prohibitive to the cause of liberty, freedom of religion, and the rule of law.   ON ABORTION — In the following excerpts from a Dec. 5, 2015 article for LiveActionNews, author Bethany Blanckley states the difficulty

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My Name Is Julie, And I’m A Fear-Monger…


I was hanging out on Facebook today when the news broke that the whole Los Angeles School System closed due to a threat. An old memory popped into my head; a terrorist takedown of an elementary school in Russia years ago. I posted a comment with the news piece and went on about my day. A bit later I received a message from Debra M. This was the comment I posted with the news story: Had enough yet? Or would you prefer to wait ’till we have our very own Beslan…oh, you don’t know what I’m referring to? Islamic attack