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What You Need to Know about Vote Your Conscience and RNC Convention Rules

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The supposed “controversy” over Vote Your Conscience rules is a fabricated and blatant lie. The questionable practices here are those of the news media, who continue to distort and mislead our country’s voters on the purposes and rules of the state primaries and their role in the nominating process. In fact, the election of the Republican Nominee for the upcoming general election is wholly separate from the state’s primary results, and this process has been in effect since the first Republican Party Convention in 1860, which nominated Abraham Lincoln on the fourth ballot. The only exception occurred when the Rules

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Caught Red-Handed…Volume II: The Lawn Boy

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Caught Red-Handed… Hatred and division among the masses in America and the world over wear us down; try as we may to be a positive force for good, the continuing stream of bad news keeps coming, and inevitably, we may believe there’s too much darkness to overcome. Please join me as I “catch” true accounts of selflessness, bravery, and kindness in a world gone mad… The Lawn Boy Middle aged and older folks complain about the younger generations, that they’re lazy and self-absorbed, and are always looking for a handout or the easy road.  The millennials seem to them lost,