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It’s Time To Speak Up For America, Or You’ll Get The America You Deserve

Double Rainbow over Okeefenokee Swamp

I have always felt a strong sense of respect for the office of the president. It didn’t matter whether I had voted for him or which party he was from, by virtue of holding the highest office in the world, he had my respect. Look at pictures of any past president at his Inauguration, and then again at his end of term. See the stress and worry of thousands of difficult decisions etched on his face. I cannot imagine carrying the weight of each of those judgments, but I know without a second thought, that it is the toughest


Progressives Intolerant Of All Things Republican

I believe this is the finest group of Republican presidential nominees we’ve fielded in 35 years. We have the Libertarian, three very impressive first generation immigrants, an ordinary woman who punched her way through the proverbial glass ceiling while the boys club looked on, a brilliant doctor who came from dire poverty and propelled himself to incredible heights. None of these candidates are career politicians from the ruling elite, and none come from privilege. Each offers the unique perspective that only comes from personal struggle with oppression, poverty, hunger, or persecution. We’d do well to listen to their stories and take