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Where Has the High Road Taken Conservatives?

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What do Conservatives do best? Take the high road.  Let’s take stock of where the high road has taken us. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.  Need I really say more?  He lied and smeared Ted Cruz and others, and the ignorant populace ran to him, moths to a flame.  We were proud of Senator Cruz, proud that he didn’t get down in the mud with Trump, proud that he stuck to the facts.  But facts be damned!  The sheep flocked to the vulgar rants of a self-styled Republican in sheep’s clothing.  The media propped him up and shoved

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Caught Red-Handed…Volume I: Love in the Aftermath of Hate

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Caught Red-Handed… Hatred and division among the masses in America and the world over wear us down; try as we may to be a positive force for good, the continuing stream of bad news keeps coming, and inevitably, we may believe there’s too much darkness to overcome. Please join me for a slice of light and truth, as I “catch” true accounts of selflessness, bravery, and kindness in a world gone mad… Love in the Aftermath of Hate Just hours after a terrorist killed 49 people and wounded 53 in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, employees from three

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Name Game Meets Blame Game: The Legend of the “Assault Rifle”

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The blame game is in full swing after the carnage of this past weekend’s terror in Orlando.  Everyone is sad and angry at the senseless violence.  Folks are grieving and looking for answers.  When facing this kind of evil, there are no logical reasons, which is problematic.  We cannot fathom this level of depravity, but our minds search for and require an explanation nonetheless.   We don’t all see the world the same way, so my feelings may not align with yours and that’s fine.  Trotting out a litany of lies to obfuscate the facts every time we’re faced with

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My Name Is Julie, And I’m A Fear-Monger…


I was hanging out on Facebook today when the news broke that the whole Los Angeles School System closed due to a threat. An old memory popped into my head; a terrorist takedown of an elementary school in Russia years ago. I posted a comment with the news piece and went on about my day. A bit later I received a message from Debra M. This was the comment I posted with the news story: Had enough yet? Or would you prefer to wait ’till we have our very own Beslan…oh, you don’t know what I’m referring to? Islamic attack