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Hypocrisy is in Fashion for 2017


I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump and I’m certainly not a Trump apologist, but the hypocrisy, bias, manipulation, and outright lies the media has not only allowed and made socially acceptable, but propagated about him, his family, and his campaign are so vicious and overblown that I feel the need to defend him publicly…which angers me enormously. Designer Sophie Therrault, who has dressed Michele Obama for the last eight years, has stated she will never dress Melania Trump, and has urged fellow designers to follow suit. She stated, in part:  I am well aware it is not

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Can Republicans Put Country First? Part 2: Compromise

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Let’s get down to business. You’re not going to like what I say, based on reactions to Part 1 and Part 1.5, but I’m fed up with the endless accusations from both sides of the “conservative” divide.  A Hillary Clinton win is not inevitable, unless we choose to keep fighting.  If you choose to believe the only way to beat her is through Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, despite the truth in both cases, it’s over and we’ve lost.  All of us have lost. I’ve heard if both sides in a divorce are unhappy with the settlement, it’s probably

Election 2016 / Intolerance / Liberal vs. Conservative / etc.

Can Republicans Put Country First? Part I: The Problem

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Many Republicans and conservatives are trying to graciously succumb to defeat, reluctantly joining with Donald Trump because they are out of options. One man’s comment on Facebook was (paraphrasing) “voting for a little hope, vs. none at all.” They’re not happy about it. They’re desperate. We are all desperate. Unfortunately for our country, Trump enthusiasts chose not to look at Mr. Trump objectively. You behaved exactly as did the Obama minions in 2008 — see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You didn’t want to know. You were “angry, and didn’t care anymore.” You chose a nominee

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Where Has the High Road Taken Conservatives?

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What do Conservatives do best? Take the high road.  Let’s take stock of where the high road has taken us. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.  Need I really say more?  He lied and smeared Ted Cruz and others, and the ignorant populace ran to him, moths to a flame.  We were proud of Senator Cruz, proud that he didn’t get down in the mud with Trump, proud that he stuck to the facts.  But facts be damned!  The sheep flocked to the vulgar rants of a self-styled Republican in sheep’s clothing.  The media propped him up and shoved

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Caught Red-Handed…Volume IV: Murder in Texas

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 Caught Red-Handed… Hatred and division among the masses in America and the world over wear us down; as much as we try to be a positive force for good, the continuing stream of bad news keeps coming.  Inevitably, we may believe there’s too much darkness to overcome. Please join me as I “catch” true accounts of selflessness, bravery, and kindness in a world gone mad… Murder in Texas The events in Dallas early Friday morning were a tragic and senseless punch to the gut for our country. Peaceful protest has a long and proud tradition in our nation, protected by the Constitution and

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The Delegate Dilemna

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I’m struggling to wrap my head around the political chaos reigning in our country on all sides of the equation.  I know where I fit in as a staunch #NeverTrumpNeverHillary, but truthfully, I occasionally waver. I abhor Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and yet, every now and again I feel a twinge of doubt, because Hillary is evil personified, in my estimation. Trump has stood right beside her, a benefactor and patron all the way.  Once you scratch the surface, his whole campaign is built on lies. There’s just no way around this — neither nominee is a good person,

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Media Bias Catches Up with the Left

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Do you ever feel that you’re getting the news of the day?  I am speaking of just news, no spin, no bias, no corporate agendas; the way it used to be.  I remember Walter Cronkite; it would be many years until I realized he was so far to the left, that he was practically a communist. Mr. Cronkite was trusted by the people of this nation; nobody felt lied to, or bamboozled.  He was there for us, in our living rooms, through the Kennedy Assassinations, the Moon Landing, the Vietnam War, and countless other events, without making himself the

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A Plea to My Liberal Friends

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For my liberal friends, you know who you are, please stop lecturing Republicans on the “shame” we should feel over our presumptive nominee. Yes, I think he is a disgrace, as do many of us – we firmly believe, once a lying loud mouth liberal, always a lying loud mouth liberal. We’re working as hard as we can to send him back to you, where he belongs. In the meantime, clean up your own house! You’ve seriously got big brass baseballs to suggest that we have a corner on embarrassing candidates. Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Enough said

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Point, Counterpoint


Recently I received a letter from James, or Jason. I’m not sure because he signed James, but used Jason in the Contact form. No matter. When I attempted to reply, the email was returned undelivered. Below I have included both the letter from James as well as my response.   “As a liberal with an open mind I started reading your blog hoping that I had found a conservative willing to engage with me. — or just to read. What brought me to your site was a thoughtful post on another site. Then I was told how awful I

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The Two Corinthians to Donald Trump: “How Great Thou Art?”


I am living in an alternate universe, or perhaps bizarre world. The President of Liberty University has endorsed an individual that is not in line with the spirit for which Liberty University stands. Rev. Falwell Jr., in my opinion, is either naive or ignorant of Mr. Trump’s behavior of the recent past regarding abortion and women. Also, his wide-ranging political theory, without regard for our Constitution, is prohibitive to the cause of liberty, freedom of religion, and the rule of law.   ON ABORTION — In the following excerpts from a Dec. 5, 2015 article for LiveActionNews, author Bethany Blanckley states the difficulty

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There Are Three Kinds Of Liberals…


I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s nearly impossible to have a cogent, intelligent conversation with a liberal. It’s like banging your head against a wall. No matter how much factual, documented, or even scientific data you show, their replies fall into a similar pattern: racist, blah blah blah, rich, blah blah blah, greedy, blah, mean, idiot, blah blah, heartless, blah blah blah blah blah. It’s maddening. It reminds me of trying to reason with a child, and, we all know, that cannot be done. A child’s brain is not developed to a point of understanding logic and consequences.

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Should Bernice Get An Apology?


I’m in hot water with some of my loved ones because they feel that I was unduly harsh toward Bernice, the subject of a previous post (Who’s Helping The Poor?) Bernice’s mother and father have been surrogate parents to my children, and I love and trust them. It’s a parent’s instinct to always protect their child, even after the child is an adult. This is doubly true of fathers and daughters. My husband tells me that although his daughter (from a previous marriage) has grown children of her own, he still feels protective of her. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go proposition, and

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Truth Is Not Hate…


2015 was a tough year. An interaction that really stands out involves a hateful note to me from someone I’d thought of as a friend for twenty plus years. Yes, I anticipated vitriol when I decided to blog. It was surprising, though, that it came from someone so close. She posted a meme on Facebook – from “Being Liberal with Melissa Lawrence.” I took that to mean she was implying that conservatives are not loving or kind. I commented, “We feel the same way.” or something along those lines. Her biting retort, which I don’t recall now, was like a dare, and