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SEEKING AUTHENTIC STORIES FROM U.S. NATURALIZED CITIZENS FOR A COLLECTION. Are you a naturalized citizen? For a variety of reasons, some natural born American citizens don’t seem to appreciate the gifts the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights confer upon them simply by virtue of birth.  They have never known anything else, and therefore, have no way to compare with alternative ways of living. Naturalized citizens, as Dinesh D’Souza says, “vote with their feet.”  They may have experienced poverty, persecution, possibly war, or sought a better life by way of education, a fair justice system, or greater opportunity.

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Can Republicans Put Country First? Part 2: Compromise

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Let’s get down to business. You’re not going to like what I say, based on reactions to Part 1 and Part 1.5, but I’m fed up with the endless accusations from both sides of the “conservative” divide.  A Hillary Clinton win is not inevitable, unless we choose to keep fighting.  If you choose to believe the only way to beat her is through Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, despite the truth in both cases, it’s over and we’ve lost.  All of us have lost. I’ve heard if both sides in a divorce are unhappy with the settlement, it’s probably

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Where Has the High Road Taken Conservatives?

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What do Conservatives do best? Take the high road.  Let’s take stock of where the high road has taken us. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.  Need I really say more?  He lied and smeared Ted Cruz and others, and the ignorant populace ran to him, moths to a flame.  We were proud of Senator Cruz, proud that he didn’t get down in the mud with Trump, proud that he stuck to the facts.  But facts be damned!  The sheep flocked to the vulgar rants of a self-styled Republican in sheep’s clothing.  The media propped him up and shoved