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Can Republicans Put Country First? Part 2: Compromise

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Let’s get down to business. You’re not going to like what I say, based on reactions to Part 1 and Part 1.5, but I’m fed up with the endless accusations from both sides of the “conservative” divide.  A Hillary Clinton win is not inevitable, unless we choose to keep fighting.  If you choose to believe the only way to beat her is through Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, despite the truth in both cases, it’s over and we’ve lost.  All of us have lost. I’ve heard if both sides in a divorce are unhappy with the settlement, it’s probably

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Name Game Meets Blame Game: The Legend of the “Assault Rifle”

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The blame game is in full swing after the carnage of this past weekend’s terror in Orlando.  Everyone is sad and angry at the senseless violence.  Folks are grieving and looking for answers.  When facing this kind of evil, there are no logical reasons, which is problematic.  We cannot fathom this level of depravity, but our minds search for and require an explanation nonetheless.   We don’t all see the world the same way, so my feelings may not align with yours and that’s fine.  Trotting out a litany of lies to obfuscate the facts every time we’re faced with