Can Republicans Put Country First? Part 1.5: Election Fatigue

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Larry Johnson, a moderator for the FB group, The Liberty Conservative posted, “Bye Julie. Glad to see you being kicked out by me ! Traitor !!”

I gather he didn’t like Part 1.  Larry appears to be middle-aged or older — old enough to know better than to call names at someone he’s never met.

It’s a shame I’m not welcome, Larry, but I’m only interested in open minds and polite dialogue — clearly that’s not forthcoming in your group.  You must be very proud.  Change the name of the group to something less ambiguous — Liberty and Conservative are misleading.SW Traitor

Yes, Part 1 ruffled feathers.  I’ve been evicted from groups on all sides.  Outright animosity and closed mindedness on the “conservative” side of the political spectrum, as we’re witnessing this election cycle, doesn’t bode well for the Republican Party.  The grim reaper is taking his prize.

A Social media group is a private entity, not a democracy, but I’m not breaking rules, just extending a different perspective.  What has incited so much fear of knowledge and intolerance of ideas on the right?  Our First Amendment is the foundation of Liberty in America.  The Founders are spinning in their graves.

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 – Julie

No doubt, it stings when you’re reminded this behavior has always been the purview of leftists, straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  Suppressing opposition through denigration, nuance, and exclusion is part of the liberal playbook, and the surest way to prove you lack a good argument.  Knowledgeable people don’t need such tactics; they prefer to prove their point.

Think of me as the friend telling you things you should know, but don’t want to hear.  It’s a rotten job, but I’m managing, and I care for you too much to remain silent.  Well, I care about our country and the future of the free world.  Tomato, tomahto.

I have important points to address with both Trumpers and Cruzers.  Trends in both, unfortunately, are similar.

CPC Donald TrumpTrumpers, your namesake got $3 million in free advertising from the media during the primaries, far more than other candidates; he’s an effective branding guy.  Now he’s complaining about the dishonest media because they turned on him — that’s what media does to Republicans.  If he couldn’t see that coming, he’s not too smart.

His groaning about media sucks the oxygen out of the room, removing the focus from Hillary and all the woeful news surrounding her misdeeds.  Every time he speaks, it must be about opponent or platform. Trump enjoys being the center of attention, and he can’t shut his mouth or get out of his own way.  Yuge problem.

He used his flair and free airtime to ravage good people with the temerity to oppose him, and it hasn’t stopped. This bullying from a powerful and connected campaign is a dangerous red flag to many, and must not be dismissed — a true ‘bully pulpit” in the making.  The addition of Steve Bannon and others to an already authoritative stable only increases suspicion.  It’s a valid point not to be derided.  Examples abound, and cause significant alarm among detractors.

Ted Cruz is not a liar, an adulterer, a globalist, or an opportunistic sleaze.  These were campaign chicanery, nothing more.  He is most certainly not establishment — a look at his Senate record and how fellow legislators disliked him because of his unwillingness to make bad compromises with Democrats, proves it.

Looking at the voting record doesn’t tell the whole story.  By example, he voted against the Zadroga Act — to extend benefits for 9/11 first responders — not because he is heartless, cold, or doesn’t care, but because the bill is pork laden and no safeguards exist to ensure funding goes to those in need, and not to fraudsters.  We need this type of representation, but it’s a lose-lose proposition in public relations terms in a sound byte culture.  We’re smarter than this folks.

Do your homework and open your mind.  Read from alternate sources — the only path to the truth is reading all sides, then evaluating.  We have the same issue with liberals refusing to see other perspectives or the big picture.

Conservatives are concerned with truth, and open to it even when it’s about one of our own.

That’s why the #NeverTrumps say you’re not conservative, because you’ve refused to look at your guy objectively, and you’ve become Alinskyite in your tactics toward those in your own political party.

Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  We’re supposedly on the same side, act like it.

For the record, I’m not “butt hurt” or “cuckservative” and these references may be the least creative to ever sully the written page — honestly, is that the best you could think up?

Ted Cruz is one of the most principled men to have ever graced the Senate Chamber.  I admire him and salute SW Ted Cruzhis efforts.  He lost the primaries in large part because of Trumps incessant, untruthful attacks.  Senator Cruz is a man of great integrity, and he cares deeply for his country, so he suspended his campaign rather than intensify the divisiveness that was quickly swallowing the GOP.

He took one for the team.

Listen, I am not encouraging anybody to write my name in, that is not something I am suggesting anybody do. I am not a candidate in this race, we suspended our race on May 3rd. I was very clear, we didn’t prevail in this race, I wanted to prevail in this race, we worked very hard to, but we didn’t and we lost the race. I recognize that, I respect the democratic process, I respect the will of the people. -Ted Cruz

He’s not a candidate — that’s very clear and straightforward.  Taking his statement otherwise is wishful thinking.  I’m right there with you in believing he was the best choice to get us started back on the road to basic constitutionalism, which is a win-win for everyone.  He is now focused on his Senate race, and assisting Constitutionally principled men and women running for House and Senate to prevail.  That’s a sound long-view strategy for all constitutional conservatives.

There’s a disturbing trend in some Cruz support groups, that damages him by attrition: #OnlyCruz folks who refuse to accept his 2016 presidential bid is over — he’s not coming back this cycle.  We all hope he’ll be back in 2020 if we still have a country by then, which is debatable.

In your intention to haul him back to save us, you’ve become as intolerant as the Trumpers, and just as nasty. You may not realize it, but you’ve gone over the edge every bit as much as Trumpers.  It’s quite unsettling, and your behavior propagates and exacerbates the untenable Election Fatigue enveloping the nation.  Are we to cannibalize each other now?

This is undermining and weakening Senator Cruz’ political position.  I beg you to stop the nonsense now.  It cannot do any good, and the bad vibes are sticking to him, compromising his future plans.  We need him in the Senate.

Remember, please, he’s mortal — don’t idolize him.  He’s flawed like all humans (same for you, Trumpers!)  I strongly suspect Ted Cruz is appalled by this behavior.  He doesn’t worship men, only God.  So before criticizing Trumpers for their nonsense, check your own.

Can we get real here folks? This is serious. Everyone, take a step back and breathe deeply.

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and he’s getting crushed.  That’s no surprise to many of us, and you can’t say we didn’t warn you.  Polling throughout the primaries showed Cruz and Kasich besting Clinton, but not Trump.  Polls aren’t definitive, but some have predicted election results closely for years and bear attention.  They’re an educated guess and they “don’t care about your feelings” — shoutout to Ben Shapiro.

SW Hill NoTrump is doing nothing to allay fears among non-supporters on the GOP side; moreover, he continues to ratchet up his rhetoric, repulsing Independents and Constitutional Conservatives.  His die-hard supporters love it, but they alone won’t take him to the White House, except to visit his old pal Hillary.

Part Two is coming, and if y’all want to keep going at each other, it’s our country that loses big in November.

Get your game face on folks, this is for all the marbles — we can’t afford to lose to Hillary Clinton.

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