Can Republicans Put Country First? Part I: The Problem

CPC Eagle and FlagMany Republicans and conservatives are trying to graciously succumb to defeat, reluctantly joining with Donald Trump because they are out of options.

One man’s comment on Facebook was (paraphrasing) “voting for a little hope, vs. none at all.” They’re not happy about it. They’re desperate. We are all desperate.

Unfortunately for our country, Trump enthusiasts chose not to look at Mr. Trump objectively. You behaved exactly as did the Obama minions in 2008 — see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You didn’t want to know. You were “angry, and didn’t care anymore.” You chose a nominee that you liked, and cared nothing for anyone but yourselves. The “delegate revolt” that was formed at the grassroots was abruptly put down by strong arm tactics reminiscent of a banana republic, removing “difficult” delegates and replacing them with friendly alternates. Mr. Trump and you, his followers, have been nothing short of schoolyard bullies picking on nerds. This is willful blindness, and a tough pill to swallow.

Enough already. It’s time for us to put aside all of this animosity and work for what’s best for the country. Our country. It’s almost been forgotten in the chaos.

Your solution is for us to willingly accept the crap sandwich on our plates and shut up. That’s a plan that will almost definitely result in President Clinton, Part Deux — This Time It’s Personal. That won’t work for any of us, especially our nation.

Those in the #NeverTrump camp are also staunch #NeverHillary folks.CPC Hillary Clinton

We’ve been watching as our party split down the middle, conservative media included. We are mindful of the reasons you want us to fall in line like good little Republican soldiers. We agree on 80%-90% of political and social issues. Allowing infighting over one candidate to destroy the party seems a colossal waste. This is a liberal dream come true.

Why do you think that insulting us will somehow change our minds? Do you think we haven’t given this a great deal of thought? Do you think it’s pleasant to have people, especially family and friends, calling us names, telling us we’re stupid, brainwashed, idiots, morons, accusing us of shilling for the DNC? The very worst insult, one we’re getting everyday now, is that we are paid DNC trolls, liberals infiltrating conservative groups — it is an unacceptable lie which we deeply resent.

This kind of rhetoric from within the party must stop immediately. We need to grow up and do the right thing for our country, and that means Trumpers, you too.

Let’s clear the air a bit. Why are you trying to catch flies with all this crap you’re throwing at us…flies are annoying pests, and crap stinks. You could be attracting worker bees, willing to die for the cause — with honey.

We don’t hate Donald Trump.

We recognize that he’s a great entertainer and a branding genius. The fact that he’s done well in his campaign is a testament to his talents, but not to the facts.

CPC Donald TrumpWe simply don’t believe he’ll be a good steward of the Republican brand, and we don’t think he’s the right man for the job. We’ve done our level best to explain our point of view, complete with lists, video, and facts, because facts are what conservativism does best.

The idea that Ted Cruz was the only acceptable alternative to our way of thinking was, and is, completely wrong — another way in which we’ve been misrepresented. A lot of people felt Cruz was the best man for the job, but we were open to many, if not most, of the other Republican candidates. Donald Trump was, simply said, not a serious consideration. There’s no reason to rehash the long list of objections we have to our nominee.

What, exactly, were you expecting, knowing how virulent the opposition was to him? There wasn’t a huge, vocal resistance to John McCain or Mitt Romney; still they were unable to bring home the White House.

The media, in its usual fashion, is holding a bevy of revelatory snacks for later in the game, to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory. That’s nothing new; they do it all the time. We were expecting it and trying to get ahead of it, attempting to beat them at their own game.

Many of us gave Mr. Trump every opportunity, vetted him just as we vetted all of the candidates — tried him on, so to speak. We defended him against the obvious media bias and unfair accusations. Our indignance and opposition grew as he skewered one Republican candidate after another in defiance of Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

CPC Journalists ActivistsOur beloved media gave Trump over $3 billion in free advertising, which he used to lie about and smear fellow candidates beyond any sense of fair play. Over our vehement and constant pleading for you to look more closely, you screamed and smeared right along with him. We made ourselves very clear during the primaries — he was unacceptable to large segments of the party. You didn’t care.

We tried desperately to show you what would happen when the media turned on him, as was inevitable. If you think it’s bad now, buckle up; you can probably expect some surprises in October. They’ve got stuff on him that will curl your hair, and leave many of you, even now, second guessing your savior. You’ll never say it out loud of course; you’ll blame the media.

That’s water under the bridge or over the dam; pick your metaphor. This is where we are. We’re screwed.

You’re carrying on about rigged polls, when they show exactly what they were showing months ago. He’s primed to lose in spectacular fashion, just as we tried to tell you. And you will blame us, along with the media, and election fraud. This cannot be permitted.

Frankly, you’ve been acting in a way we’ve always associated with liberals. We put facts before you, and rather than discuss them in a logical, reasoned, adult manner, you disregarded what didn’t work with your agenda and instead, demonized us.

Of course that was your prerogative, but it’s the type of scorched earth tactic for which liberals are famous. Liberals are divisive, and have caused tremendous damage to our nation in the last eight years.

It’s heartbreaking to see these attacks coming from within our political tribe.CPC Proud Conservative

Liberals characteristicly fight behind the scenes, but publicly get behind whomever the party puts forward. Conservatives have never done this. If a Republican behaves badly, we serve ’em up, sometimes to our detriment — we take the high road, because our principles and integrity are paramount. That’s a good thing, of which we can be proud.

It’s high time for the adolescent taunting to stop.

A new and different solution, to which we must all swallow our respective pride and give the proper time and attention, is coming soon. If you choose, once again, to dismiss us as a voting bloc, you do so at the country’s peril. There’s still time for a Hail Mary.

And we need our best people behind it; it will take all of us working together.

23 thoughts on “Can Republicans Put Country First? Part I: The Problem

  1. Well done! I’m anxiously awaiting part 1.5 and part two. I am only saddened by my belief that the trump supporters and reluctant hillary supporters (If there are any) won’t read and consider your information. I believe their mind are so closed the will reject even the thought of another way. Praying I’m wrong!

  2. g’day Julie,

    by the time I got to the Hail Mary line at the end I’d forgotten the Part One at the beginning. Waiting for Part Two to see what this Hail Mary option looks like.

  3. 88 days from the election is not e time to jetisson a candidate, as i commenter said, the only means by which we can win is to save the republic first and worry about 2020 or 2024 qhen we have at least some reasonable nominees installed in e SCOTUS. THAT CANNOT REVERSED IF YOUR THEORY IS WRONG. You want those who seek unity around Trump to roll over for those of you who think yoir viewpoint is the only correct one. Those who claim morality as their xrutch need yo uneerstand that God used imperfect people to accomplish his perfect plan. The other three candidates don’t have enough name recognition much less substance to win. Giving up on it is not an ootion. Clinton cannot be permitted to win.

  4. Your comment: ‘The idea that Ted Cruz was the only acceptable alternative to our way of thinking was, and is, completely wrong — another way in which we’ve been misrepresented. A lot of people felt Cruz was the best man for the job, but we were open to many, if not most, of the other Republican candidates” is INCORRECT. Ted Cruz WAS and still IS the only acceptable alternative. The other GOP candidates did not have a chance against Hillary. Only Ted Cruz had the poll numbers to beat her. And, he would have beaten her soundly. Trump and Clinton are both dangerous for our country. In order to save our Republic, we need to pass on BOTH of them!

    1. Thank you Pamela for commenting. Obviously I speak for some, not all. Cruz is the man, as far as I’m concerned, but he is out and has asked that we do NOT write him in in the ballot. I agree that neither nominee is acceptable and will have Part Two coming soon.

      1. I have asked this more than a hundred times and not one single person has been able to provide a resource for this. Where did Ted say “Do not write me in?” Yes, I have been pointed in the direction of the question and answer session with the Texas Delegates where he answered that he was not asking anyone to write him in. That was a statesman’s answer to a question. It has been MISiINTERPRETED over and over again as saying he did not want to be written in. Same as other examples. I have to wonder just WHO actually misinterpreted his words and just WHAT his or her agenda was. I WILL write in Ted Cruz as will my family. There is no other choice with his qualifications and we don’t have four more years to mess around with unproven candidates.

      2. See? That is the problem. I respect all of you who do not want Trump. Neither do I. If there was some indication from Ted that he wants us to write him in…I would do it. I haven’t heard anything from Ted that he wants us to write him in! Where is he?

    2. Pamela, I agree with you 100 percent. Ted Cruz is the only one to bring sanity back to our nation. I find it so unbelievable the many ignorant opinions against our guy. I may not live to see him as our President, but I will never stop being loyal to him. I have never seen a more honorable man fighting for our liberties in my life time. I am 77 and pray to live to see 2020.

      1. Thank you Betty, for reading and commenting. As I told Pamela, Ted Cruz was my guy, and now I’m supporting his Senate run. But I think he would agree with me that we must defeat Trump AND Clinton. My plan coming soon in Parts 1.5 and 2.

      2. Ted Cruz got my email address somehow and sent emails to me bad mouthing his opponents and asking for money and my vote even though he knew I was for Trump since he wasn’t owned by anybody and spent a ton of money on this election. I know they sent a hitman to kill him so he’s put his life on the line for us. Trump replied to a question about him running for prez. 30 years ago and he said No, I won’t run unless I feel that the country needs me. I’m ashamed of the ones who back off from their support of a candidate b/c they are scared. Trump is scared too but won’t admit it. I agreed with the vast majority of his ideas. He’s had an ego but if I was a billionaire, I might have one too. Thanks for someone trying to unify and come up with a plan.

    3. Pam, I could not agree more. Ted Cruz is the only acceptable candidate for me as he has been since day one. The lying New York Liberals are unacceptable for thousands of reasons. The so called third party candidates are also unacceptable. None have gone through the grueling campaign process, nor fund raised enough money to support their campaigns, nor endured the press and Donnie’s horrendous attacks, nor have they debated their issues. .. In short, they are all unproven “Johnny Come Lately” who sadly are opportunists taking advantage of a bad situation. Maybe in four or eight years they can prove themselves. Right now we need to back the only candidate who can save this country. We are out of time. I will be writing in Ted Cruz as will my family. I would urge everyone to call their state’s electoral boards and stop listening to people on social media. If your state does not permit them or does not count them (there are only a few) get out there and change the laws while there is still time.

  5. While you have so valiantly tried to uphold the values and traditions of a party, you have lost sight of the very real peril to the republic…… if Clinton is not defeated there will be nothing left to fight for….. you know who she is…. you know who owns her…. Let’s save the republic first – then we can argue the finer points of party value and tradition…….. it is you who needs to get behind the nominee ….. your disdain for a non-pedigreed candidate is clouding your thinking

    1. Personally I believe Trump is every bit as dangerous as Clinton — we are between the proverbial rock and hard place. My disdain is not for a non-pedigreed candidate…it’s reserved for Trump and Clinton. He’s going to lose, whether I vote for him or not, that’s the point. It’s not my doing, it’s his.

      1. I disagree with you Julie about Trump being as dangerous as Clinton. She’s the devil in all of this. I’d rather be EMPed or bombed before going thru any more with that POS Obama, my how he turned but we just had to show that we are unbiased. I never voted for Obama , thank goodness! Just count me out if you are going for Cruz.

    2. Sorry can’t get behind the man that totally and amorally trashed and lied on all the other candidates to get where he is….also the fact that 12 million democrats voted for him in the open primaries and only 3.3 million republicans…..we didn’t want him then and we want him even less now…..he would do more harm to this country than hillary would….hillary can only get passed what the republican controlled congress let her ……she would get all the democrat vote and very few republicans where trump with his liberal agenda would get all the democrat votes and many republican votes….and by the way cruz got over 8 million republican votes almost 3 times more than trump and he wasn’t even in the last 5 primaries…and most of those 12 million dems that voted trump will now vote democrat in the general…..we told you from the beginning….you people wouldn’t listen then so you own this mess you deal with it and stop begging us we have morals….

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