Caught Red-Handed…Volume IV: Murder in Texas

SW Make Kindness Go Viral Caught Red-Handed…

Hatred and division among the masses in America and the world over wear us down; as much as we try to be a positive force for good, the continuing stream of bad news keeps coming.  Inevitably, we may believe there’s too much darkness to overcome.

Please join me as I “catch” true accounts of selflessness, bravery, and kindness in a world gone mad…

Murder in Texaspoliceofficer2

The events in Dallas early Friday morning were a tragic and senseless punch to the gut for our country. Peaceful protest has a long and proud tradition in our nation, protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The murdered officers and their brothers and sisters, were there to secure the safety of the protesters, and were gunned down for doing their duty.  Protesters were, for the most part, horrified at the carnage.

Many expressed outrage and anger, stating, “This is not what I came for.”

One of the protesters spoke with staff members of TheBlaze, and he volunteered that he had been harassing and aggravating a Police Officer the whole day, and in general, being a jerk.  When the shooting started, that same officer pushed him down and protected him.  The officer’s partner was shot and killed.  This man, the protester, was clearly shocked that after needling him all day, this officer’s first reaction was to get him to safety — he reported that the officer saved his life, all the while remaining in the line of fire, and in danger.  The protester tried to tell his story to the media reporters covering the scene, but they weren’t interested.  His account is a compelling example of what our law enforcement personnel do, and how they react.  Though the protester was clearly surprised, I’ve never known a police officer to be any other way.  Let’s pray that this experience will be an epiphany for this man, and that his heart will turn toward consistent gratitude.

Across the nation, there was a well-deserved outpouring of support for our men and women in blue. Grateful citizens were inspired to thank their community law enforcement officers in any way they could.

MadisonCPC delivered lunch to two police departments, and through Twitter and Facebook, encouraged businesses throughout the United States to follow suit.  In Dallas, residents lined up to hug their beleaguered officers — mourning the loss of five brothers, and worrying about the health of their injured colleagues.  South Carolina photographer and mother of three, Nakeshia Shannon, baked snickerdoodle cookies for the Easley Police Department.

Shannon said that she was heartbroken about those who lost their lives in Dallas and started thinking of something she could do to help, particularly because of her son:

He’s only five, but if you ask him what he wants to be, he says a police officer…I’m an

The Shannon Children
The Shannon Children

African-American female and the only thing I’m worried about is my son’s safety.  I want to teach my kids to be respectful and honorable in all that they do. I don’t want my son thinking if he sees a police officer they’re going to shoot him. It’s like anything else, there are good people and there are bad people who are police. Violence doesn’t solve the problem.  I’m raising my son so that if he does become a police officer, he’ll be one of the good ones.

Nakeshia is right.  As long as Police Officers come from the human race, there will be a few bad ones inSW Get Caught Red Handed the bunch, just the same as in any other profession.

People everywhere got “caught red-handed” spreading kindness and support to those protecting and serving their neighborhoods.  How about you?  Tell us, how do you support your first responders?  Law Enforcement Officers, tell us how your community shows their gratitude…we all want to see unity and love in action.

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