Caught Red-Handed…Volume III: Kindness in Uniform

SW Make Kindness Go ViralCaught Red-Handed…

Hatred and division in America and the world over wear us down; try as we may to be a positive force for good, the continuing stream of bad news keeps coming, and inevitably, we may believe there’s too much darkness to overcome.

Please join me as I “catch” true accounts of selflessness, bravery, and kindness in a world gone mad…

Kindness in Uniform

A group that is constantly under suspicion and scrutiny, undeservedly so, are Police Officers.  These men and women have one of the most thankless jobs imaginable.  It takes a very special human being to put on the uniform, risk their life, and deal with attacks perpetrated by a fickle media and populace.

As hazardous as this job can be, the pay is not commensurate to the danger.  Those who choose this profession, sincerely seek to protect and to serve the citizens of their communities, and they do so every day of the year in many ways, large and small.  These officers are true role models to the young people whose lives they touch every day.

A thankful Eleanor Gehret thanks Corporal Jason McDevitt.

This holiday weekend I’m thinking of home, and remembering this story from last winter.  Ridley Park, Pennsylvania is my home town, so this story came to my attention through my Facebook newsfeed, as friends from home posted the account with pride.  The misfortune to which Corporal McDevitt was alerted, occurred in December, a most inhospitable time of the year in Pennsylvania.  The following article from chronicled the event:

RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A mom and her ailing daughter — forced to live on the street by huge medical bills — will now have a warm, safe home for Christmas thanks to a spontaneous outpouring of love from a Delaware County police officer and more than a hundred residents of Ridley Township.
Just over 24 hours ago, Ridley Township Police Corporal Jason McDevitt found Eleanor Gehret and her daughter, Jennifer, who suffers from serious medical problems, shivering, wet and hungry on a shopping center parking lot where they had lived for 2 rain-filled days after being evicted from their apartment for failing to pay their rent.
The corporal and a neighbor immediately brought food and warming soup for the pair, who stood with all their possessions at their feet, their dog Maxi and cat Misty, in a box.  “She was dying for something to eat, her lips were chapped,” Corporal McDevitt told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter.
“It was very cold, and very wet, I was upset my dog was shivering and I didn’t know how to keep him warm,” Gehret explained.
After booking the pair into a nearby motel for a couple of days, the Corporal and neighbors began a 24-hour fundraising blitz, raising more than $10,000, along with gift cards and donations of food and beverages.
They also signed a $6,800 check — enough to guarantee mom and daughter they could move back into their apartment and live there for months to come.
Early Friday afternoon,Corporal McDevitt arrived at the motel to give mom and daughter the good news — he was ready to give them a ride back home.
As she hugged the Corporal with tears in her eyes, Gehret explained, “Jen kept asking me about Christmas.  I said I don’t think we’re gonna do Christmas.  I don’t want to think about Christmas, I don’t care about Christmas.  Now she’s going to have the best one in years.”
The mom and daughter, quickly packed and, along with their pets, headed home with the Corporal in his police car.
“This is one major miracle,” Gehret concluded, “because I never thought anything like this would happen.  Thank you, again, everybody.”

Shoutout to Police Corporal Jason McDevitt of Ridley Township, PA on a job well done!

This is but one account of the selfless and kind activity on display every day of every year, in police departments all across the country.  Sadly, the praise these officers receive is often nonexistent.SW Get Caught Red Handed

Please say a daily prayer for our men and women of law enforcement, and remember to thank the officers in your communities.  Let them know we are proud of them, thankful for them, and they have our unequivocal support every day of every year.

Do you know a person or group who needs to be recognized for their courageous act of kindness?  If so email me at


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