The Delegate Dilemna

CPC Chicago ConventionI’m struggling to wrap my head around the political chaos reigning in our country on all sides of the equation.  I know where I fit in as a staunch #NeverTrumpNeverHillary, but truthfully, I occasionally waver.

I abhor Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and yet, every now and again I feel a twinge of doubt, because Hillary is evil personified, in my estimation.

Trump has stood right beside her, a benefactor and patron all the way.  Once you scratch the surface, his whole campaign is built on lies. There’s just no way around this — neither nominee is a good person, let alone a good candidate for the highest office. They’re both evil, and I cannot abide it.

They are lying, manipulative, no good, opportunistic, corrupt, slithering, two-faced, disgraceful, sneaky, full-of-donald-hillary-800crap, low-down politicians — both of them.  They exemplify everything that is wrong with our government.

There are so very many of us feeling disenfranchised this election season, on both sides of the aisle.  I don’t know if the Bernie supporters have any sliver of hope, and I feel a certain kinship and sympathy with them; I ‘ll say this for Bernie Sanders, he’s a true believer and one of the most honest Democrats I’ve seen — that’s saying a lot.  His brand of politics is lunacy though, when one takes note of the death toll and suffering brought about through socialist, communist, and fascist governments. We have to look no further than Venezuela to see in real time, and in living color, the brutal effects of collectivism.

Meanwhile on the conservative side, there’s a movement afoot.  We’re going hard after the Hail Mary, the #DelegateRevolt.  Periodically, I’m seized by panic at the thought. If we manage to pull this off, and I admit it’s likely a long shot, there will be hell to pay.  Anyone who thinks differently is a fool.  We could absolutely see rioting at the conventions this year, in fact I’d go so far as to say, I fully expect it.

Rioting doesn’t frighten me nearly as much, however, as does a President Donald Trump or a President Hillary Clinton.  Our history has seen uglier contests than these and survived to tell the tale.

2009_0121_clinton_290_1Donald Trump will lose spectacularly, I believe. All one has to do is look at the New York State Primary Results. Trump’s campaign made a big deal of taking New York for the Republicans. Lost in the fuss, however, was Hillary’s performance — she kicked his sorry, orange butt by almost double the vote count.  He’s not going to take New York in the general, and that’s a fact.  It doesn’t matter.  Republicans almost never take New York.  The far more important trend is that he’s primed to lose longstanding red states like Utah, Georgia, and Arizona.  He could surprise me, God knows there’s been plenty of that this year, but my money’s on Hillary, and my, that does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

There will be fallout if Trump is successfully ousted. All our efforts will be for nought if the delegates mutiny but we lose in November. It’s difficult, I know, to foresee any decent Republican losing to the worst Democrat nominee they’ve put up possibly ever, but it’s a consideration.

The obsessed and cult-like Trumpsters will not take kindly to a coup, and the very people who are telling us that no vote for The Donald is a vote for Hillary, will make it their mission in life to take down the perceived usurper.  That you can take to the vault.

As I see it, our choices are:
1.  Revolt and take our chances, or
2.  Not vote and let the Donald Trump disaster play out.

On one hand, if we revolt and win in November, it will blow over in time, as these things inevitably do.  On the other hand, allowing the travesty to continue will either produce a win, which I find extremely unlikely, or Trump will lose by a fantastical margin, which will be blamed on the #NeverTrump movement anyway.  In either of these two scenarios, we better buckle up because we’re in for a four year ride through hell.  Neither of these are working for me.

339132865_8bedbbfb97The revolt, though risky, allows for the best outcome from where I sit.  And let’s face it, this country was built from the very beginning on the riskiest of scenarios, and our ancestors prevailed. History is on our side. Is our blood thick with the same patriotic fever our founders and forefathers possessed?

As for my house, we will serve the Lord…and honor the spirit of our late countryman.  The #NewRebelYell will sound once again from this southern home, to mingle with the fire of our northern neighbors. Only we can determine our fate.

There’s no time to waste…onward, to Cleveland!

Read more about the Delegate Revolt, and get a free copy of Rule’s Committee member Curly Haugland’s new book,  “Unbound:  The Conscience of the Republican Party.”

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