Name Game Meets Blame Game: The Legend of the “Assault Rifle”

CPC Woman with AR-15The blame game is in full swing after the carnage of this past weekend’s terror in Orlando.  Everyone is sad and angry at the senseless violence.  Folks are grieving and looking for answers.  When facing this kind of evil, there are no logical reasons, which is problematic.  We cannot fathom this level of depravity, but our minds search for and require an explanation nonetheless.   We don’t all see the world the same way, so my feelings may not align with yours and that’s fine.  Trotting out a litany of lies to obfuscate the facts every time we’re faced with tragedy, however, is unacceptable and fraudulent.

Once again we’re witnessing a complete manipulation of the facts surrounding the “assault” rifle.  If it looks like an M-16, it’s called an assault rifle.  Even owners and others that know better, are referring to these firearms in the same way, because it’s become the common vernacular, and people understand of what they’re speaking, or at least think they do.

It’s a name game, so it’s up to those of us with the knowledge and understanding of weaponry to change the dynamic, and specifically the buzzwords, because hell will see an ice storm before anyone in the mainstream media reports the truth.  Accuracy does not fit into their agenda as exemplified by Tom Brokaw, a self-styled “gun owner,” referencing the “AR-14” which is a fictitious firearm – it simply does not exist.

To clear up a popular misunderstanding, the AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite, manufacturer of the AR series,CPC Hunting rifle not Assault Rifle.  There are many manufacturers producing AR style rifles.

Another misconception is that these firearms are more destructive than the wood-grain rifles we commonly think of as hunting rifles.   There is no difference between them, other than appearance; the action is the same.

When I hear the term “assault rifle,” I conjure images of Al Capone and his gang taking out their enemies in the streets with Tommy guns, the scene in The Godfather when Sonny is gunned down on the Long Island Expressway, and the Islamic State shooting into the air in celebration.  These are scenes in which automatic weapons, machine guns, are shown being used.

These images, though, are not consistent with reality on the ground in America today.  The AR-15 style rifle that the Orlando shooter had is not an automatic weapon, it is a semi-automatic weapon.  There’s a big difference.  The shooter is required to pull the trigger for each and every shot, that’s what semi-automatic means.  It is not a machine gun.

Most handguns are semi-automatic, but don’t let their compact size fool you; the damage inflicted by a handgun can be as or more lethal than that of an AR-15.

These semi-automatic rifles have nothing in common with military automatic weaponry, other than resemblance.  Military grade rifles have a selector switch that is not present in a semi-automatic weapon.  A rifle set to automatic, is generally only used militarily to force the enemy to stop shooting and take cover, often referred to as cover fire. However, when in automatic mode, the rifle loses accuracy.  The selector switch is set to semi-automatic most of the time.

CPC RiflesAutomatic firearms are Type II weapons and purchasing them legally is a lengthy and expensive process.  They can be obtained only through a Class 3 Firearms Dealer who is federally licensed to sell Type II firearms; most gun dealers sell only Type 1 firearms.  There are waiting periods, background checks, and hoops to jump through before being granted the privilege of paying a $200 government tax and an exorbitant price for the weapon.  Relatively few people can afford to buy them.  There are a limited number of Type II firearms available to purchase, therefore the prices have gone up exponentially.

I stress that this procedure is for those who obey and follow the law.  Unfortunately, one who is prepared to break the ultimate law, killing another human being, won’t be concerned with breaking a law they would consider to be irrelevant, that of legally purchasing their weaponry.

I must reiterate for clarity, the weapons cited in the Orlando shooting, the San Bernardino attack, the Sandy Hook travesty, and the Colorado movie theater massacres are regular semi-automatic rifles that have the distinction of looking like an M-16.  They are not “assault” weapons.  There is no such thing as an assault weapon – it is a purposely misleading term being ignorantly repeated and has become legend.  There are semi-automatic and automatic, or Type I and Type II.  I look like my sister, but I am not my sister.  Look through weapons pictured here.  Can you tell which are automatic?

The AR-15 has become the weapon of choice for many women who choose to have a home defense firearm.  CPC AR-15There are multiple reasons that it is preferable for women in particular:

  • It is lighter and easier to handle than many guns.
  • There is little to no recoil with the AR-15.  For those with arthritis, shoulder, and spinal issues, it won’t leave you sore and stiff the next day.
  • It’s a scary-looking weapon and intimidating.  The best scenario is always deterrence, not having to fire.
  • It is easily modified, making it adaptable for all sizes, shapes, and strengths.
  • Most importantly for home defense, it can utilize a 30 round magazine.  In a high stress or invasion scenario, you’re more likely to be nervous, frightened, or shaking, and more likely to miss your target.  Having 30 rounds allows you the advantage of shooting until the threat is neutralized.   Magazine size varies, however, according to individual state law.

Yes, they look frightening, and that is the fact behind the myth of the “assault rifle.”  They are light, easy to handle, and more accurate than shotguns and high caliber handguns and rifles, so wielding an AR-15 works for a 90 pound woman or a 300 pound man.

Light, easy to handle, and accurate also makes it the choice of criminals and those bent on evil.  When the intent is to kill, the choice of weapon does not matter.  Hatred or sickness is pulling the trigger, and there is no way to legislate that out of society, but there is no reason other than misdirection to perpetuate inaccurate terminology and the ignorance of society.

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