Media Bias Catches Up with the Left

CPC Bernie FollowersDo you ever feel that you’re getting the news of the day? 

I am speaking of just news, no spin, no bias, no corporate agendas; the way it used to be.  I remember Walter Cronkite; it would be many years until I realized he was so far to the left, that he was practically a communist.

Mr. Cronkite was trusted by the people of this nation; nobody felt lied to, or bamboozled.  He was there for us, in our living rooms, through the Kennedy Assassinations, the Moon Landing, the Vietnam War, and countless other events, without making himself the news or sharing his personal viewpoints.  It was the evening news, not the Walter Cronkite Show; that’s what was expected and that’s what we got.

I’m not sure when it went so terribly wrong, but I would doubt that anyone under the age of 45 can remember a time when news was news, and not an exercise in indoctrination. We didn’t have a clue to the political leanings of national broadcast news anchors; that was right and good.  The truly objective news person is extinct in today’s 24 hour news climate. To strive for objectivity would be a new and exciting twist, considering how long it’s been since that was the case.

Is it some big secret that up to 90% of news journalists vote left of center?  As things are, I’d rather they just say where they’re coming from, and leave it for me to sort through.  I have to deconstruct it and piece it back together anyway, so they may as well be honest.

I know there are people who believe all of this media bias mumbo-jumbo is just part of the vast right wing conspiracy we’ve been hearing about for so long.  I’ve been trying to explain to my liberal friends how this has been happening for a long time, to no avail.  One silver lining to this gloomy election cycle is that CPC Journalists Activistslight has been shed on the media problem for many who would never have believed it, if it hadn’t happened to them.  

Suddenly the real agenda has been laid bare to supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, as we could never have told them; they’ve been shown.  They’ve peeked behind the curtain, and now know the Wizard is just some regular guy, and they have every right to be mad as hell.  While Donald Trump has been carrying on about people not being fair to him and wreaking havoc on the Republican Party, Bernie has been given the proverbial shaft by the DNC and their no-longer-secret communications division — the mainstream media.

For the first time in most of our lives, it’s happening to folks on the liberal side of the aisle.   All I can say is “Welcome to our world, the more the merrier, sucks to be us.”

Us.  Could you ever have imagined a day when “us” included those from both the left and the right, politically speaking?

I know it’s difficult to see when you’re not the target of media bias, because it’s less about what’s said, than how it’s said, or more likely, what isn’t said at all.  Most often it’s ignoring the story altogether, downplaying the significance, or finding a few lunatic fringe disciples to put on TV in an attempt to make the whole movement look ridiculous.

This is the first time I’m seeing blatant examples of these tactics perpetrated on liberals by their fellow liberals.  I cannot tell a lie, there’s something very satisfying and delicious about this turn of events for long-suffering conservatives, though we must take care not to gloat…publicly, or at length.  We are all in this mess, on the whole.

It’s bizarre to have this in common with my liberal friends, and it’s not our only parallel;  we also all detest Donald Trump, so perhaps he’s a unifier, after all.  If you mention that he is, in fact, a liberal, Democrats are not just offended, but incredulous.  Sometimes the truth hurts; he’s a Democrat all right, but aligned with the corporate interests and crony-capitalist Clintons, not the Bernie Sanders wing.  And they are not good people.

Most of my liberal Facebook friends have either “unfriended” or “unfollowed” me, so they don’t even know that we’re together in this.  Previously, they didn’t generally have an appetite for opposing views because it was an “us vs. them, black and white, and good vs. evil” environment in which all Republicans were the enemy, and there was no debate necessary.

CPC Media WatchdogNow I’m seeing an “aha moment” unfolding; they’re suddenly aware that things aren’t as cut and dried as they had thought. There are nuances and semantics that can be conveniently manipulated or lost in translation when they don’t fit the agenda.  In this election cycle, both parties are split and have factions opposing each other, so the media, the cronies, and the corporate interests chose for us.  Now we’re left with the two worst candidates in the history of the country.

Will this expand consciousness of the big picture?  I’m not expecting that the Bernie folks will suddenly acknowledge that it’s been happening to conservatives for a very long time.  They’re likely too entrenched in thinking we’re hateful and mean to have that epiphany, which is frustrating and unfortunate.  We actually have far more in common than any of us may want to acknowledge.

I’m hopeful that it will prompt renewed thought and enlightenment, because without opening the discussion to different perspectives, we’ll never be able to find common ground and take our country back from the power brokers who’ve been playing us against each other for their own corrupt purposes.  Now that the veil has lifted and we can see the underhanded and dirty tricks that are played behind the scenes of the media juggernaut, there is hope that we can collectively turn the tables on those who need to divert our attention, to keep us fighting one another.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre   

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst   

Are full of passionate intensity.

– Excerpt from William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming”

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