The Deal with The Donald


CPC Donald TrumpWeary of hearing about deals from Donald Trump?

“Deal” is a buzzword, a slogan, and probably about as prescient as “Hope and Change” was in 2008. The Republican Party is imploding before our eyes, and we seem powerless to stop the slow motion accident heading toward disaster.

This is a sad state of affairs for our country and for those who are “Conservative,” if not necessarily Republican. Principles and values have guided us to put well-merited faith in our Founders. Our nation’s troubles are a direct consequence of viewing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with disdain and condescension.

Anger is not, however, a valid excuse for throwing good sense to the wind.

Donald Trump is neither “Constitutional”, nor “Conservative;” he simply put an “R” after his name.  The “R” is meaningless when rhetoric and action do not adhere.  The title is earned, not granted.

Some of the Republican defectors that aligned with Trump raised eyebrows, but they are fairly insignificant overall: Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin, and Sean Hannity.  Ideas enamor, unlike names and celebrity.

Many have probably been opposed to Ann Coulter as often as not, and have generally surmised she was doing more harm than good for the cause of conservatism. Give her props for her intellect and wit; she has a gift for knocking liberals down to size which is infinitely entertaining, though her diehard support for The Donald is incongruent with the facts. She has stated that this is a one issue election on immigration policy, but Donald Trump’s affinity for “touchback” amnesty is a notably softer stance than that proffered by Ted Cruz.

Tremendous respect is due Phyllis Schlafly for her years in the trenches, but now she is working for a party that no longer exists. Again, in the case of Donald Trump, the “R” does not denote conservatism.

Sarah Palin is a disappointment. She was staunchly defended after being grievously maligned, but is now using the same tactics previously deployed against her to cast aspersions on others. She won’t help Trump’s campaign; she may have the opposite effect entirely in the end. Whatever the deal between Trump and Palin, it didn’t translate to a primary win in Alaska.

Sean Hannity is probably a nice guy and a patriot who loves his country, but he is not objective. He is like many on the left to whom party tends to come before intellectual honesty. He believes that he’s doing the right thing, but is missing the mark in a big way.

SW Chris ChristieThe endorsements of Chris Christie and Ben Carson are disturbing. Chris Christie is a big man, and has been for some time, but he has never looked quite as small and insignificant as since he joined with Trump. His candidacy was never great and was going nowhere; nevertheless, I had sincerely hoped for better from him after exiting the race.

Nothing signals defeat like being relegated to being Trump’s pet Weeble.

Recently Ben Carson essentially admitted that he exchanged his endorsement for a job in a Trump Administration. He said there was no quid pro quo, but how else to explain it? Far beyond upsetting, it is an absolute, unmitigated, betrayal of those looking to him for unparalleled intellect and quiet inspiration. It does, however, confirm suspicions born of Dr. Carson’s refusal to accept any responsibility in the misunderstanding surrounding the Iowa Caucuses. Statements made by his campaign to CNN- odd, senseless, statements, were the entire impetus for the confusion. Dr. Carson’s lack of insight and personal responsibility in that matter laid bare the folly of his campaign.

Dr. Carson’s history of accomplishments and his ability to negotiate obstacles that would have been incomparable for most will always command tremendous respect. He excelled in spite of crushing poverty, and environmental and cultural barriers. He deserves admiration for stepping up and being a man of courage CPC Better than Trumpand determination.

Dr. Carson’s supporters strongly believed that he would withstand the corruption inherent to the Washington D.C. cesspool. The integrity and honor that attracted so many have sadly been proven unfounded. He is one of many casualties of this campaign season that have been not just surprising, but appalling.

There are only two reasons why people willingly eschew their long held principles and core beliefs: either they are beguiled or threatened. The first seems more likely; money and power are the ultimate seductress, but do not dismiss The Donald’s hot temper and nasty, bullying side, which are quite forbidding.

Yes, Donald Trump is a dealmaker. He gets things done; however, he does that which benefits him. Hopefully we’ll find that there is an actual quid pro quo between these fallen-away Republicans and Mr. Trump, because the alternative is even less palatable.

Those who have traded dignity, integrity, and courage will no doubt discover, as the weeks and months pass, that they’ve each made a deal with the devil himself.

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