Point, Counterpoint

Recently I received a letter from James, or Jason. I’m not sure because he signed James, but used Jason in the Contact form. No matter. When I attempted to reply, the email was returned undelivered. Below I have included both the letter from James as well as my response.


“As a liberal with an open mind I started reading your blog hoping that I had found a conservative willing to engage with me. — or just to read. What brought me to your site was a thoughtful post on another site.

Then I was told how awful I was. (“we firmly believe, once a lying loud mouth liberal, always a lying loud mouth liberal”… your post goes on to insult me in many ways.) I guess I was thinking I would be treated with some respect. I am sorry to have not been able to get through two paragraphs before giving up.

My family helped to build this nation. We have been here since before the Revolutionary War and we have served in every capacity. We are all Christians and love our neighbors and friends (and animals.) We are good people. We are humble. Servant. Kind. Loving.

I have many friends who are conservative (some in Georgia) and they offer their opinions to me as equals and in a respectful fashion. I’m sorry you thought attacking me and my family (all of whom are the terrible liberals — all of whom also serve this country and her people).

So many conservatives seem to attack as a way of communication. It is harsh and it is mean and it is not kind. It reflects a Trump philosophy, not a Christian one.

Good luck continuing to communicate to people on “your side.” I know few people — alas, none — who are successful with their advocacy when they attack people in their first graph.





My response:


Hello James/Jason,


Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I have searched for an “open minded liberal” to no avail, so please understand my skepticism. The clause you referred to, “lying loudmouth liberal” was directed at Donald Trump, not you, your family, or anyone else. You were pleasant, calm, and deliberate in your letter, and for that, I thank you.


I’ll direct you to the following:



This relates the interaction between my very liberal friend and I. It was deeply hurtful. There have been many such encounters with liberal “friends” and each is a stab through my heart.


Just last week I showed some of these people one of my articles; it was picked up by a nationally syndicated publication for the first time and I was excited to share my news with friends. They didn’t like the article and took the opportunity not to congratulate me on the milestone, but to say in words I won’t repeat to go away and never come back. This was a group of people with whom I used to spend a great deal of time. I’ve watched as countless Facebook “friends” have unfriended me over the last several months.


Forgive me, but I have learned the art of biting rhetoric from self-proclaimed liberals. There is no upside to allowing you, or them, to define me, my principles, my friends, my ideology, or my party. I am, above all, an American first, a conservative second, and a republican third.


My job is to speak the truth and that is what I do to the best of my ability. I do try not to paint with a broad brush, but I cannot control how others react or respond. I continue to pay a heavy price for my opinion, but it is my choice to continue writing and with that I’ve made my peace.


I thank you again for voicing your thoughts about my work.




Julie Custer


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