Dear Senator Cruz, Please Kick Trump In The…

Dear Senator Cruz,

You are a truly classy guy and a gentleman. We love that you don’t get down in the gutter with Mr. Trump. That being said, if you believe as we do, that you are the only true conservative in the race, that our country is at the precipice of disaster, that you are the best answer to the corruption, cronyism, and lies that have been propagated on the American people, then please read on.

Some of us are paying attention; we know what time it is. We see the demise of the United States happening before our eyes. We understand the urgency of the current situation. We will be counted among the souls that strive for truth and justice in a world, literally gone mad. It is for these reasons that we are with you, and we’re ready, able, and willing to do the necessary work to assure your nomination. In that spirit, we boldly ask you to speak out against the lies and thuggish behavior of your fellow candidate, Donald Trump, and don’t hold back. We humbly ask that you give him a proverbial kick in the balls (please forgive our vulgarity.)

There’s only one way to stop a bully, stand up to him. This isn’t easy. We understand that it’s not your nature, but keep in mind that you’re taking on a schoolyard punk. He wants your lunch money and you’re not handing it over. Rules of polite society don’t apply here; this is a street fight. And all the kids are watching and hoping you’ll teach him a lesson.

Hit Trump hard and hit him again and again. Emasculate him verbally. Expose him – he’s an elitist who got his money from Daddy, and if he had half a brain his companies wouldn’t have had to go through multiple bankruptcies. Does he even care that lives were ruined, small contractors lost businesses, and hard-working people lost jobs? Of course not, he only cares about himself. He’s a childish spoiled brat, and nobody’s ever told him “No.” He’s nothing but a bully.

He’s just a poor excuse for a man who puts women down because he’s actually threatened by them, and he makes fun of the handicapped because it makes him feel like a big man. He has to go after people who question him because he doesn’t have any real answers, so he just calls names and says he’ll beat them up. He cares only for what the polls say, and changes his mind according to what they reveal. He has no integrity. Underneath it all is just a small scared kid who’s starving for attention. Tell him he’s a nothing, and that we’re all laughing at him.

Call him out on his boorish behavior from previous debates. Tell it straight. All of his big mouth talking over and constant interruptions show that he doesn’t belong here. Tell him we see right through him, that he’s just like Obama and Hillary, a chronic, pathological liar. Tell him that this campaign is for adults and we’re not going to put up with his kindergarten habits, and he should pick up his marbles and go home. When he tries to answer tell him to use his big boy words and his inside voice, and tell him that if he wants to sit at the grown up table, he should shut his mouth and learn something.

Mr. Trump has laid down the gauntlet. Only you, Senator Cruz, can pick it up and run with it. Show Americans how we deal with authoritarian despots and dragoons. Reduce him to the cartoonish caricature that he is. Put him in his place, and take your rightful post at the front of the pack. Show Americans the strong and determined leadership we’ve been desperately craving, and we, your people, will enthusiastically follow. You Are The Man. It’s your time in history, this is what you were born for – grab it with both hands. Build it, and they will come.


Julie and Bill Custer



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