Trouble, Left and Right

Sometimes I experience a brief period of optimism, a day here and there, occasionally more. The good days come less often as the weeks pass. I was so happy to get to 2016, Obama’s last year in office, election year. The campaign started off great, with quite a good field of candidates, some old faces, and some fresh ones. There was a general feeling in the air that this year would be good for conservatives. The electorate had seen and heard enough from the current quasi-socialist administration. There was real anger.

Of course it was discomfiting to see so many young millennials enamored of a self-declared Socialist, but realistically, the choices on the other side were bad and worse. Even so, it is shocking to me that we have an outright Socialist running for President in the USA, and worse yet, he’s garnered half of the Democrat vote. The Democrats are truly between the proverbial rock and hard place. At least Bernie does not seem to be a pathological liar in the style of his opponent. I can actually deal with Bernie Sanders because he is a pretty straight shooter from what I’ve seen. He is a true believer. Now, I don’t think that necessarily speaks to intelligence, considering that socialism has always failed spectacularly everywhere it’s reared its ugly head. What is the difference between socialism and communism? About a year and a half. (Credit to Doc Thompson of The Morning Blaze – sure wish I could claim it, it’s awesome!) I’ve heard it said that socialism is the economic arm of communism, which is probably pretty close. I would describe socialism as the natural precursor to communism; when socialism inevitably fails, communism follows – socialist economic policy is so destructive that there is no footing on which to return to the free market. Authoritarianism in the form of communism or fascism is almost inevitable in that scenario.

Everything was looking good coming into the New Year. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with Donald Trump being in the race, but he was certainly shaking things up. For myself, I just wasn’t going there, I’m too jaded. I find it very difficult to trust people. Early on, I kind of tried him on; only to find that there was no way for me to get beyond the myriad red flags that popped up whenever I looked his way. He is just not conservative. It brings to mind a saying about putting lipstick on a pig. What really bothers me is that I always thought that conservatives had an abundance of common sense and intellect. One had to present a logical and reasoned argument to have any hope of persuading a conservative. We wouldn’t be swayed or distracted by the next shiny object, or easily duped by a smooth talker. Liberals were notoriously fooled by the emotion appeals of the moment. They were so stuck on how things felt that they didn’t look at the facts. Conservatives have always been about the facts. One of my favorite quotes is from Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Truer words were never spoken.

Enter Mr. Trump. Initially I didn’t think he’d be in the race for long. There wasn’t much to see in the way of substance behind the rhetoric. The longer his campaign went on, however, the more annoyed I found myself getting with his antics. He just repeated himself, over and over. He was loud and crude. He didn’t have the class I expect from an American President. He was just not a Republican, and definitely not a conservative.

This hasn’t changed for me as we head into the South Carolina primary. I just cannot fathom his support in this race among folks that I once respected, even if I disagreed with them on some issues. This is a phenomenon that is brand new to me. It even evokes possible conspiracy theories, and I’m not a conspiracy nut by nature. I’ve been a political junkie since I was sixteen, and I’ve seen weird and even ridiculous candidates before. Never before have I felt so completely uncomfortable with the direction in which we’re moving on my side of the aisle.

We aren’t in the same conundrum as the Democrats. We have solid alternatives, several really conservative candidates. He is the least principled candidate running on the Republican stage. In fact I think I can confidently say the man has no principles at all. There is nothing in his past that leads me to believe that he’s a conservative. Yes, it’s certainly possible for someone to change their mind about an issue. But on every single issue? How can this possibly be right? How can he be leading in our polls when he is arguably the least conservative man running, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders. I am completely stumped, I must tell you. I am completely flabbergasted.

The worst part of this is that he has made a mockery of our serious and solemn responsibility to choose a nominee. We deserve a serious candidate to represent us in the upcoming battle. The US deserves better in our next President, the Leader of the Free World. There’s a tremendous amount of very serious work and catching up to do.

Every reason for this nonsense that comes to mind ends at the same place, and it’s disconcerting. If the polling is correct, the electorate is just plain stupid. I can’t get around it and I’m not happy about it. Nonetheless, this is my conclusion. Anyone who is tuned in to the true state of our union, that is paying attention and looking for truth, knows that we are on the precipice of losing the country. There is no doubt of the danger that our constitutional republic faces in the next few years, perhaps even this year. Realize that we have been losing our liberties in small bites for more than fifty years. The left has been working towards this moment patiently and stealthily. Our press has been pushing the agenda in accordance with the Democrat Party. Together, they’ve commandeered the universities, the entertainment industry, and the culture.

There’s only one way to account for the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, and that is the horrendous state of public education. Sure the schools are totally on top of anything that might resemble a gun (like a pop tart), but they don’t teach why the Founders put an armed citizenry second only to guaranteed rights of religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. They’re so consumed with moral equivalency and multiculturalism that they’ve failed to teach the history of the most destructive and deadly political systems of the 20th century, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism. The educational community has foregone the teaching of our Constitution as the inspired and ingenious framework for the greatest governmental experiment in the history of the world. That can be the only reasonable explanation for a generation of coming-of-agers who have either no concept of, or no respect for, our unique and unprecedented rule of law.

It is no longer societally acceptable to embrace American Exceptionalism in polite company. These are just a few results of the insipid leftist mindset which has seeped in to the American Consciousness, and the left is poised to take this country to a point of no return. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is single-handedly turning the Republican race into an embarrassing free-for-all. The discourse has been so polluted, and so dominated by his vulgarity that other candidates have both joined in the circus and been dragged into the muck. The result is a constant stream of smears, exaggerations, and outright lies that is confusing and confounding to those of us that know the stakes. If Donald Trump wins the nomination, we will lose this election. Not long after, we will be well on the way to losing our country, or even Revolution. The fact that I saw it coming will be no comfort whatsoever.



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