There Are Three Kinds Of Liberals…

IMG_1328I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s nearly impossible to have a cogent, intelligent conversation with a liberal. It’s like banging your head against a wall. No matter how much factual, documented, or even scientific data you show, their replies fall into a similar pattern: racist, blah blah blah, rich, blah blah blah, greedy, blah, mean, idiot, blah blah, heartless, blah blah blah blah blah. It’s maddening. It reminds me of trying to reason with a child, and, we all know, that cannot be done. A child’s brain is not developed to a point of understanding logic and consequences. Should I conclude that the liberal brain stopped developing at an early stage? Honestly I’m at a loss.

It’s put me in a rather bad mood. Someone posts something on Facebook and I comment. I write why I disagree, back it up factually, and sometimes even suggest an alternative solution. The next thing I know I’m getting lambasted for being any possible combination of mean and ugly things and being told to stop peddling my “bullshit”, my “hate”, or my “propaganda” on their page. My favorite part is when they say they don’t comment on mine out of respect for my opinion (to which I’m entitled, they reveal.) They just flip on by “the drivel.”

Why would you say something in a public forum and not want to defend it, or even discuss it? Why are you even posting anything? In my humble opinion, it’s just silly. You just want to make sure we all know you’re a liberal? Trust me, we can tell the minute you open your mouth. I’ve not yet heard an original thought from any leftist, with the possible exception of poorly written diatribes about some new fascistic way in which you believe you’re being oppressed by conservatives.

I love to read, especially non-fiction. The bulk of my reading time is spent on authors that are conservative, interesting, and informative, especially in subject areas that are not my forte. For instance, I am very clear on the basic economic theory of supply and demand, but that is the extent of my knowledge in that area. Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are two highly respected economists that I trust implicitly to expand my knowledge base. If I don’t, however, also read the ideas and theories brought forth by Milton Friedman, Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and John Keynes, I have closed my mind to a great deal of material and possible discovery. In other words, I cannot have an educated opinion without having listened to all sides of an argument.

So why are liberals unwilling to even entertain a different perspective? I’ve been puzzling on that question for months. One possible reason is that they’re just not very smart. This explanation doesn’t completely work for me because obviously we all know intelligent liberals (I know, it does sound like an oxymoron.)

I believe that there are many naive individuals that refuse to see that liberal politicians are human, and susceptible to human failings. Conservatives, they’ve been told, have the lies and evil intent all to themselves. They’re drawn to liberalism because it’s been fed to them as the kind and compassionate side of the political spectrum, and they have no interest in looking any deeper for answers. Additionally there are the low-information voters that want to take part in the process, and are perfectly confident that the mainstream media is giving them all they need to make an educated decision. They all can be put in the not-too-bright category as far as I’m concerned.

Next is the fully entrenched leftist. Liberalism is who they are, and to examine the evidence against that way of thinking would be to risk their self-identity. Perhaps their parents were traditional Democrats and they don’t realize that the party left them behind as it moved further and further leftward. I know more than a few people who don’t hold one liberal principle, yet vote Democrat every four years. They’re pro-life, own guns and are pro-second amendment, believe that welfare is a last resort and certainly not a lifestyle, support the military and respect the flag. They are good people and love their country. In an earlier time, these attributes would have simply described an American. In 2016, this person is a conservative, whether or not they’re conscious of the fact. Again I think that the general smearing and shaming of conservatives that has become a huge piece of the liberal narrative has also kept some folks from wanting to know too much. Their family has always been Democrat, and they were giving, kind, solid, blue-collar citizens. They’re not going to change after all these years.

Thirdly, we have the diehard, think-they’re-super-up-on-things liberal. This group is filled to capacity with all the leftist propaganda they can find from NPR and the liberal rags, websites, books, and television – the material is comfortingly familiar and reinforces their worldview. They also surround themselves with like-minded friends. Diehards are the most obnoxious, and usually the loudest, of all liberals. This is the category where I’d put the uber-liberal college students. They wear their liberalism with pride and can’t wait to shove it down your throat. They’re the ones that post the nasty memes on Facebook and do not tolerate other opinions in response. They become openly hostile and their tempers go from zero to sixty faster than you can say Ronald Reagan. Diehards are the sign holders, the picketers, and the protesters. Liberalism is their religion and they are true believers. They are angry and enraged about everything, but sincerely think they are tolerant, loving, and compassionate. Diehards know, deep down, that they are superior to conservatives in every way; if you don’t believe me, just ask them. They go about life in a self-righteous, smug, arrogant haze of cluelessness. Experience has shown me that this group is physically and psychologically unable to have conservative friends for fear that it might be catching, and besides, why would they lower themselves? Radical leftists are also found in this group. The saddest thing about these rabid ideologists is that they are nothing but useful idiots to the last group of whom I’ll speak; only they don’t know it.

The last group is where you find the leaders of the party. They’re intelligent, manipulating, control freaks. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they don’t care a whit for those that get ensnared in the webs of deceit they’ve created. They have no morals, principles, or conscience. I used to think they simply had a different vision for how to best help people, that we all wanted the same basic things. My thinking has changed dramatically on this front. I’ve seen them say one thing and do another repeatedly, then turn around and tell you, right to your face, that you didn’t see what you know you saw – these people are masters of the long con. They seek money, status, and power. They’re all in, and will go to any lengths. It’s a small group that is at the very top of the liberal pyramid and they are nothing short of evil. These people are not interested in conservative thought; they are only interested in the ways those ideas can be turned against their enemies.

After parsing through the different kinds of liberals, I can only conclude that each belongs to one of three categories: Not Too Bright, Liberal Identity Crisis, or Wizard of Lies (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”) Obviously there’s nothing to be done with the Wizards; if they are criminals they can be battled only within the purview of the law. The power brokers are slippery, and the only defense is vigilance. The diehards and radicals I’ve placed in the Not-Too-Bright category, because even those with higher IQ’s are totally indoctrinated and unreachable. I’d advise letting them go their way and you go yours. Your blood pressure will be better and your head will feel so lovely after you cease banging it against the wall.

That leaves those afflicted with Liberal Identity Crisis. I’ve deduced that this is the only group upon which we can reasonably expect to exert any influence. My suggestion is to move cautiously, patiently, and try to stay positive. The facts are on your side and you’re in good company.

What are your thoughts? Have you found a way to effectively converse with liberals?




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