My Name Is Julie, And I’m A Fear-Monger…

LogoI was hanging out on Facebook today when the news broke that the whole Los Angeles School System closed due to a threat. An old memory popped into my head; a terrorist takedown of an elementary school in Russia years ago. I posted a comment with the news piece and went on about my day. A bit later I received a message from Debra M. This was the comment I posted with the news story:
Had enough yet? Or would you prefer to wait ’till we have our very own Beslan…oh, you don’t know what I’m referring to? Islamic attack on school in Russia, young kids…ringing any bells yet? Brutal rape and cold-blooded slaughter? Look it up. It’s one of the most barbaric, disgusting, unsettling stories you will ever read. And then think really hard about compassion, and whether our children deserve to be safe. And stop trying to tell me I’m Xenophobic (like you even knew what that meant before a few months ago.) I’m just looking at the big picture.
And this is Debra’s comment to the post:
Last name and profile picture have been removed to protect the ignorant:
Debra M*******   What big picture are you looking at fill us in. What is it you are asking of us? Of yourself? to change this mess? So what are you purposing by posting this cryptic message with a link to keep the hate and fear going? If you really gave a damn about anything you wouldn’t post links in
forming people of what they already know and fear., You are like the media in feeding on the paranoids of the masses thus keeping the hate, fear, want for revenge there rubbing it in the wounds instead of being the changer you are the enabler to those that hurt. Here is a thought….instead of being a fear monger why not be a changer. why not gather those around you and get your asses to your local goverment officials and dwemand change. why not demand this be turned around for the people not against the people. Have them shut the fake media like MSMBC and CNN and other hate filled racist causing fools that are not journalists go on do some god and stop spreading fear and hate!
I decided I’d share my response with everyone so any other Debra’s out there can save the trouble of posting:
Dear Debra,
Thank you for taking the time to comment. Next time you might take an extra moment to run a spellchecker and grammar checker so that it’s intelligible. Seriously.
Debra, you’ve made the common mistake of assuming hate where none exists. If I am spreading fear, that’s probably a good thing because there are many people in this country that, frankly, aren’t scared enough. My hope is that public pressure will change the direction of  where our President is leading. That’s truth, not fear-mongering, and there’s a significant difference.
Regarding my “cryptic link,” I don’t have enough time in my day to educate people who, like you, need to spend more time looking at the world as it is, and less time singing Kumbayah. Fact: ISIS wants to kill you and me and everyone else in their path. They are very honest and forthcoming with their plans to get soldiers into the US through the refugee program. They say they already have people on the ground here, and if you choose to disregard what they’ve said, it will be not just at your own peril, but the country’s. ISIS is the only party that’s actually telling the truth. It’s very important to know the enemy and what they hope to accomplish so that we can properly defend ourselves or have the option to plan an offensive. That’s for the people, not against them.
Have you spent any time looking at the peculiar circumstances in Europe since the beginning of the refugee crisis? Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, with Germany right behind. Why? Because Islamic Law is not compatible with western civilization. It’s their culture to treat women as inferiors. We should take note of that. I have three daughters and I sure do.
Really you should look at the chaotic mess Europe has become since the Muslims invaded, er, came to live. They have no wish to assimilate. The people of the EU countries should, they believe, become as they are and live by their law. In less than a year there will be more Muslims than Swedes in Sweden. People tried to warn Europe, but their leaders collectively donned their rose-colored glasses and disregarded those who sounded the alarm. Say goodbye to Europe as we’ve known it, it’s going fast. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see it.
Now, let’s address the problem in our country. Half of our people, to include our current leaders, are not heeding the warnings either. It has become crystal clear that we cannot properly vet the refugees coming into the country. If you aren’t aware of that you aren’t digging deep enough. Read more and get back to me.
They also have no idea how many are even here. And a bunch of people are suspiciously missing, like two Afghani men that were training with our military as fighter pilots that have disappeared from their GA military base. I’m quite sure they were vetted. Look and you’ll find there are a bunch of people who have up and vanished across the nation. And there are many reports of individuals buying large quantities of cellphones, propane gas canisters, and other seemingly innocuous items. I’m simply trying to raise the volume on the alarm. It’s been sounding since long before 9/11.
We’re told to be alert and if we see something, say something, but in our politically correct culture, people are afraid to speak up because they’re smeared, they lose their jobs, are accused of “hate speech”, and are called awful things. So, because a neighbor and a co-worker were afraid they were profiling, 14 good people died senselessly and many more were injured, not to mention the trauma to every family that was touched by it. Political Correctness is now killing us. Had the terrorists (also vetted) been better at bomb-making, they could have imposed untold additional death and destruction. We were incredibly fortunate that their pipe-bombs did not detonate. It’s also worth noting that among the radical, it is often the women that support and teach the extremist message in the home. So trying to pass them off as “widows and orphans” is disingenuous at best, and at worst, dangerously ignorant of the enemy.
Yes, most Muslims are peaceful. Nowhere have I, nor would I, advocate scorn or violence. What we desperately need is vigilance. It is unfortunate for everyone that approximately 20% of the Muslim faithful are seeking to expand their caliphate, into and inclusive of Europe and the US. They are laughing at our weakness and our ridiculous notions of Social Justice even as they tell us their plans. Americans are the most caring and giving people on earth. We rush in to help where it is needed. We send people, food, money, medicine. It’s just one of the things that makes us exceptional. We should not, however, do so blindly or without caution. That would just be stupid, yet that is exactly what our leaders are doing and asking of us. We are begging these extremists to attack us, and rolling out the red carpet for them.
I am active politically and am doing what I can through Social Media and a blog to raise awareness and inform. Please visit my blog at: – feel free to comment respectfully on any post and share if you choose.
In our country we have a Constitution, and it’s words have been very wise and prophetic since our birth. Shutting down news media, no matter how biased or egregious, would be a violation of our First Amendment, which is the foundation of our liberty and very close to my heart. It protects my speech and yours, and I don’t take that lightly. You shouldn’t either…just sayin’.
What do I propose? I propose that you read the Constitution, followed by the history of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, the Caliphate, and Jihad. Also Beslan since you thought that was cryptic (I admit I had to look up the name. I’ll never forget the horror.) That would be a good start. Bonus for you – reading will improve your spelling and grammar. Next I propose that you stop labeling people racist, fear-mongering, hateful, enabling, or ‘like the media’ (which is below the belt.) Labels are quite destructive in our society. Lastly I propose that you remove your head from your ass so that you may better see that I really do, sincerely, give a damn for this country and all humanity.
That’s the big picture. Hope you have a lovely day.

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