To Supporters of Planned Parenthood

CPC Baby-in-a-wombDear Friends and Supporters of Planned Parenthood,

Regarding the myriad reasons you believe the pro-life crowd is radical, anti woman, delusional, etc., I find your arguments to lack honesty and integrity.

Do you want to learn the facts, or remain blissfully ignorant? We’re constantly bombarded by the Planned Parenthood (PP) talking points. Every time I hear them I know, without question, the speaker has done no independent research on the subject.

PP is not required to release complete, verifiable data.

That must change if the organization is to receive more than five hundred million dollars a year of tax money. They are not a government entity and are not entitled to funding. Add to that more than a trillion dollars gone to The Affordable Care Act. The ACA is required to cover the very health concerns that PP warns will not continue without government funding.

Please remember that PP existed and thrived before receiving US taxpayer funding.

The cost to the taxpayer, though, is actually the least problematic of the issues surrounding PP. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

One of the ways they are misleading the public concerns their claim that abortions are only 3% of their services. The way they get to that 3% number is by making every single service a separate line item. In other words, a pregnancy test, a contraception pack, and a referral for a Pap smear are each different line items, just as an abortion procedure is one line item. This way of calculating significantly skews the numbers.

It allows PP to say that taxpayer funding isn’t used for abortions. In the corporate world, it’s called “cooking the books.” They are committing fraud on the American taxpayer.

Recent reports show that abortions are increasing and other services are declining as a percentage at PP. Many of the services they offer, like mammograms, are actually referred to other facilities. The reason the other services are in decline is most likely because they are available at tens of thousands of other healthcare facilities and, covered under the ACA.

Go ahead and look it up. All of my facts are verifiable.

SW-Planned-Parenthood-300x200A very important fact is that if PP didn’t perform abortions, there wouldn’t be any issue with the funding. Of course we want our tax money to help fund women’s health, including contraception, pap smears, mammograms, etc., but not for killing children whether or not you think it’s justified.

To say defunding PP is anti-woman is not just disingenuous, it’s a lie.

There may be a small percentage of pro-life advocates that do not support contraception, but the vast majority support it wholeheartedly .

Using terms like “the fetus” or “embryo” or “zygote” to dehumanize the child is common practice, although those who are paying attention know that “fetus” is Latin for “offspring,” not “clump of cells.” Whatever you call it, it has a DNA map and it will be a baby. It won’t grow into a tree or a spider or a virus.

Have you ever asked someone when the fetus is due? Do you throw Zygote Showers for expectant parents? Have you ever seen an “Embryo On Board” sticker?

Yesterday I heard someone refer to abortion as a “necessary evil.” I disagree…it’s just evil. Have you watched the videos put out by The Center for Medical Progress? My guess is that you have not, because they’re awfully difficult for pro-choice advocates to watch, as attested to by Democrat pundit Kirsten Powers. If you are going to defend this kind of barbarity, you owe it to yourself, to the millions of aborted babies, and to those of us that you gleefully dismiss and ridicule, to watch them. Yes, I know that Planned Parenthood’s apologists say the footage has been heavily edited. Use your own good judgement, I trust you. When you actually watch the full footage which is available on YouTube, you will very likely find yourself cringing even if you are pro-choice, because what’s going on there is an abomination.

Everybody loves a whistle-blower when they’re exposing corporate fraud, but when shining light on this liberal darling, the whistle-blowers themselves are made villains. It would be humorous if it wasn’t so sad.

Are you aware of the ways abortions are performed? You need to know how it’s done in order to make an informed decision. Do you know that on ultrasound, you can see a 13 week old baby trying to move away from the abortion instrument? Afterward the fetus tears apart, and you see the legs, arms, etc. being suctioned out of the uterus. We wouldn’t do this to animals and with good reason. It’s heinous. That is the brutal truth.

Unborn children are not disposable. They have the right to live and breathe, not be pulled apart limb from limb.

They are a gift, not an inconvenience. Exceptions might be made for rape, incest, and abuse, though some believe that having the child and giving that gift of life to adoptive parents is cathartic, therapeutic, and causes less psychological strain and long-term scarring to the birth mother. The exception for health of the mother is an extreme rarity with today’s modern medical technology and thus, largely spurious.

I hesitate to endorse exceptions, only because that infers that it is sometimes okay to abort a child. I do not believe that is true. Murder is wrong by any measure, that’s the foundation of the premise. You won’t find anywhere a pass given for murder, with two exceptions that are not analogous: self-defense and capital punishment. These are not comparable as a baby is neither trying to harm you, nor has it committed any crime. It is only in cases of abortion that the state sanctions murder.

Many people are actively working to make adoption a more viable option for pregnantSW Adoption Loving Alternative women.

Adoption is a difficult choice and I understand how some might be led to think abortion is a “better” or “easier” alternative. Others believe, however, that adoption is significantly less damaging to the psyche and long-term mental health of the birth mother, and I won’t dismiss what the child means to the adoptive parents.

I’ve heard PP advocates citing statistics about the horror of the foster care system, and I agree that it is a difficult and sometimes horrific time for the children involved.

The system is completely overburdened and under funded. I do want to stress, though, that babies are the most likely to be adopted. Many more people apply to foster children under the age of 5, and in some states are turned away. Abuse and neglect of foster kids occurs mostly in the older population of children who’ve been removed from bad situations. It’s terrible, but does not in any way suggest that putting more infants in the system would be problematic.

I imagine the foster system could put to very good use a sum of five hundred million dollars.

Are you aware that “Roe” from the landmark case “Roe v. Wade” reversed her position years ago and has devoted her life to reversing that decision? Her exact words are,

I think it’s safe to say that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie…. I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name.

She is one of many who are living with haunting regret.

A real eye opener is to read or listen to stories by abortion workers.

There is a group at that works to support and assist workers that want to leave the abortion industry to find new jobs, get counseling, get financial help, etc. Once you are fully informed it becomes difficult to justify. You only have to be open to hearing from those with different experiences.

SW Planned Parenthood LiesDid you know that there are more black babies aborted in New York City than born?

Think about that. That may be the single most poignant and disturbing statistic available regarding race in this country. It’s appalling.

I don’t understand why pro-choice advocates are so horrified when women kill their babies. In many cases, the only difference is that they were live births that could have legally been aborted just minutes before. Remember Casey Anthony? The news media was incensed, the proverbial pitchfork mob was out in force. Everyone was angry that she was acquitted and said the most vile things about her.

But really, why does everyone freak out when by law, women are legally protected to murder their children on demand when in the womb, which was once the safest place children could ever live?

Nature has given women the privilege of carrying and nurturing young for the propagation of our species. It’s our biology. For a mother to kill her child, however, is the ultimate betrayal. That’s why we have SW Mommy Chose Lifecontraception and sex education. We all know where babies come from and how to keep ourselves baby free if we choose.

Women have choice…the choice to insist their partner use a condom, the choice to say “No”, the choice to be selective and responsible with their sexuality.

Abortion should never be used as a substitute for contraception. There are no good excuses when we understand the facts. These are lives we’re talking about, mother’s lives and baby’s lives. Don’t tell us that it’s not our business…it’s the business of all of humanity.

4 thoughts on “To Supporters of Planned Parenthood

  1. If I may, I would like to share with you three challenges that I continue to present to those who have confused choice with death. No one has successfully answered my challenges; most complain that as posed they are not fair. These are my words, you may use any of them, in part or in whole, as you please.

    My paradigm of Abortion – An abortion is a summary execution of an innocent and totally defenseless human being, a person, usually executed by painful dismemberment, without any relief from pain, at the behest of his or her mother’s summary judgment, in the vast majority of cases for the consequences of the father’s and the mother’s choice to engage in procreative activity, and when that procreative activity is successful, the subsequent objection to her son or daughter developing in her womb.

    Following are my three challenges to any abortion enabler:

    1. Present a morally righteous justification for the summary execution, usually by dismemberment and without relief from pain, of an innocent and defenseless unborn child when there is no life in danger, nor rape or incest involved, for the innocuous offense of developing in his or her mother’s womb without permission, after she and the father chose to engage in procreative activity.

    2. Prove that the guilt for a rape or incestuous relationship belongs to the conceived unborn child.

    3. Other than the actual abortionist, present an equivalent morally outrageous right that men may legally choose.

    How many times have you heard it proffered that they, the pro-abortionists, the pro-dismemberers, do an unwanted child a favor by aborting him or her, as if when born they would be destined to a miserable loathsome life. This is so ignorant on so many levels, for I have known those who were unwanted, yet born, who once birthed were indeed loved and wanted by those who once considered them unwanted. And likewise I know of children who were very much wanted before birth, but afterwards were discovered to be unwanted.

    From my paradigm, regardless of the wanting or the not wanting of a child, from before to after their birth, any child’s life may in the final analysis be joyful or miserable. This reality, this truth, defeats another false argument of the pro-abortionists, that is to say the pro-summary executioners, who posit the irrational notion that it is the wanting of a child that gives him or her purpose, validity, or an appreciation for life.

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