BUSTED: The Truth in Philly Suburbs Revealed

CBSPhilly.com ran the following story, December 4, 2015:

RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A mom and her ailing daughter- forced to live on the street by huge medical bills- will now have a warm, safe home for Christmas thanks to a spontaneous outpouring of love from a Delaware County police officer and more than a hundred residents of Ridley Township.
Just over 24 hours ago, Ridley Township Police Corporal Jason McDevitt found Eleanor Gehret and her daughter, Jennifer, who suffers from serious medical problems, shivering, wet and hungry on a shopping center parking lot where they had lived for 2 rain-filled days after being evicted from their apartment for failing to pay their rent.
The corporal and a neighbor immediately brought food and warming soup for the pair, who stood with all their possessions at their feet, their dog Maxi and cat Misty, in a box.“She was dying for something to eat, her lips were chapped,” Corporal McDevitt told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter.
“It was very cold, and very wet, I was upset my dog was shivering and I didn’t know how to keep him warm,” Gehret explained.
After booking the pair into a nearby motel for a couple of days, the Corporal and neighbors began a 24-hour fundraising blitz, raising more than $10,000, along with gift cards and donations of food and beverages.
They also signed a $6,800 check-enough to guarantee mom and daughter they could move back into their apartment and live there for months to come.
Early Friday afternoon,Corporal McDevitt arrived at the motel to give mom and daughter the good news- he was ready to give them a ride back home.
As she hugged the Corporal with tears in her eyes, Gehret explained, “Jen kept asking me about Christmas. I said I don’t think were gonna do Christmas. I don’t want to think about Christmas, I don’t care about Christmas. Now she’s going to have the best one in years.”
The mom and daughter, quickly packed and, along with their pets, headed home with the Corporal in his police car.
“This is one major miracle,” Gehret concluded, “because I never thought anything like this would happen.Thank you, again, everybody.”
If you would like to know more, visit the GoFundMe page set up for the Gehrets by clicking here.

Because I hail from Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, this story popped up repeatedly on my Facebook feed and naturally, I was thrilled to read of Corporal McDevitt’s good deeds… until I realized the story must be incorrect, fabricated, a lie. I pride myself on staying informed with current events and I smell a rat. 

If you’ve actually been paying attention at all for the last couple of years, you know that the above referenced story is, unequivocally false, because Police Officers are much too busy looking for innocent, law-abiding citizens to kill to have time for such a kind and loving gesture. I know this to be a fact since I’ve heard it discussed many times on the news and read it over and over on the Internet.

So, CBSPhilly, don’t be thinking you can fool me with your nonsensical drivel. I’ve got the 411. Police Officers are tyrannical, evil, racist, and misogynistic, and are little more than bullies with guns and nightsticks, never to be trusted. They are truly incapable of generosity and selflessness. Those of us in the know won’t be duped. We see right through your corporate, imperialist lies. 

Surely if you look there will be some real stories of holiday cheer and goodwill to print – perhaps some nice gun control rally, or a group of singing pro-choice advocates pouring milk on each other. Maybe you’ll come across some Festivus celebrations. With all of the wondrous news in the world, please don’t bother with obviously flawed headlines. We can take the truth.

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