It’s Time To Speak Up For America, Or You’ll Get The America You Deserve

I have always felt a strong sense of respect for the office of the president. It didn’t matter whether I had voted for him or which party he was from, by virtue of holding the highest office in the world, he had my respect. Look at pictures of any past president at his Inauguration, and then again at his end of term. See the stress and worry of thousands of difficult decisions etched on his face. I cannot imagine carrying the weight of each of those judgments, but I know without a second thought, that it is the toughest job in the world.

I find it unconscionable that former President Carter has publicly reproached each sitting President that followed him. It is a violation of the trust I’ve always imagined to be inherent in the office. Knowing full well the gravity of the job, I believe it’s abhorrent for him to speak badly of any sitting President. It is somewhat amusing, though, considering the absolute mess he left for his replacement, that he should feel so entitled to censure his successors.

I struggled during the Clinton years. So many scandals, so many lies, no respect for the office. I felt angry with both he and his First Lady. Didn’t they realize the solemnity of the office? I wondered if they even realized how utterly disgusting it was for those of us watching the spectacle every day. After the class displayed by the previous administrations, it was certainly a rough contrast. President Clinton was playing footsie with his young conquest right there in the Oval Office. It was beyond disappointing, irreverent, and internationally embarrassing. The Commander-in-Chief cavorted shamelessly, lied repeatedly, and escaped repercussion for what any of his young charges in uniform would have faced court-martial. One has to speculate on the fate of our men in Somalia, as told in the book and subsequent movie, “Blackhawk Down.”. If President Clinton had been truly focused on his task, instead of trying to deal with the aftermath of his tryst, might there have been a different outcome for our boys, sent into harm’s way without the proper equipment to achieve the mission? We will never know. We do know the devastating toll the mission had on our soldiers and their families. We do know that he was feeling the heat of the Special Prosecutor, and many have speculated that the President was simply attempting to divert attention from the scandal when he gave the order. History will not show favor to him in terms of that tragedy, and it will forever be a black mark on his administration and our country.

That was all tough to witness, but nothing could have prepared me for the Barack Hussein Obama administration. I couldn’t have fathomed a President of the United States of America who wasn’t proud to be American. I was aware of many red flags that had been, for all intents, ignored by an adoring and elitist media during his campaign, and he did not earn my vote. As always before, however, once elected, I accepted him as my President and sincerely hoped that my instincts were wrong.

Unfortunately, my instincts were correct, and I spent his first term shocked at his hubris, stunned by his overreach, and sickened by his disdain for anyone and anything not in lockstep with his agenda. Never before have I felt, not just ignored by my President, but hated. I had hoped to never reach this point in my lifetime, but I cannot merely sit quietly in respect for the Office of the Presidency. And that brings me profound sadness.

It has become increasingly clear that our President is actively working against the best interests of this country. His second term has been downright frightening as he not only multiplies our national debt,  severely weakens our military, underestimates our enemies, and leads us ever closer to financial collapse – he seemingly does it on purpose. I can debate policy and platform all day long, but I never imagined a scenario wherein our President would purposely and consistently seek the failure, downfall or destruction of our government. With just a bit over a year left in his term, I am fearful that it may be already too late to recover. And even if we can manage to survive this last year, the disaster awaiting our next President is considerable, and daunting.

Most distressing is the contempt of his groupies for what I can only see as common sense. Politics has always been a dirty business, but it’s evolved into a monolith of groupthink, personal destruction, and hatred. It’s moved well beyond the level of simple disagreement to something dangerous in it’s ferocity. We do not engage in debate anymore. When we try to discuss or propose the hows and whys of our thinking, or perhaps suggest a different perspective, we are personally and hatefully attacked, not with ideas or substance, but with divisive invective and disdain.

It is a sad commentary on our country, yet I believe it is an accurate reflection of the culture. It worries me terribly that we are unable to hold a simple discussion without descending into the proverbial mud. I believe strongly that for those of us that heretofore tried to stay above the political fray, the time has come to speak up, and step up to be counted. We cannot allow this coming election to pass us by.

We are Americans. We stand up to tyranny, we stand by our values, and we take up the torch of those who came before us to fight for what we hold sacred. We must rally or we will lose our beautiful land to apathy. Please remember that what this country offers cannot be found elsewhere. Once lost, there will be nowhere for us to turn. Those who oppose us want to turn these states into some bastardized European-style socialist utopia, but we know deep in our minds and hearts that no civilization in history so forged has ever survived. I beg you, do not stand by and watch them take and destroy for what our forefathers fought and died so valiantly. It is incumbent upon us to be the change we need and want. This is our time. This is our fight. And we must prevail.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Speak Up For America, Or You’ll Get The America You Deserve

  1. Joe, Thanks for checking in and taking time to comment. Much appreciated! Perfect candidates? I don’t expect a perfect candidate, I hope for someone I’m comfortable getting behind. After due diligence, I choose, pull the lever, and cross my fingers. That’s the best and only way I can see to put in my two cents. If I came off sounding as if I’m speaking collectively, apologies. I’m not a fan of collectivism! I choose my personal values, but society determines the direction of our cultural values. Lately, I’m struggling with this administration’s total disregard for constitutional values. I perceive they are on a path to what I can only describe as Socialism, and I find this disturbing. We are becoming an America that I do not recognize. -SW

  2. Is there a candidate that you think would do everything you like? Personally, I don’t vote. Nor do I speak of or for the people in the US collectively. And who chooses the “values” that you speak of?

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