Progressives Intolerant Of All Things Republican

CPC Proud ConservativeI believe this is the finest group of Republican presidential nominees we’ve fielded in 35 years. We have the Libertarian, three very impressive first generation immigrants, an ordinary woman who punched her way through the proverbial glass ceiling while the boys club looked on, a brilliant doctor who came from dire poverty and propelled himself to incredible heights. None of these candidates are career politicians from the ruling elite, and none come from privilege. Each offers the unique perspective that only comes from personal struggle with oppression, poverty, hunger, or persecution. We’d do well to listen to their stories and take heed of the lessons learned that came both at high risk and price. But my progressive friend tells me that she can’t believe these are the conservative candidates, that she knows there are better Republicans than these men and woman. This began as a response to her Facebook comment, and quickly took on it’s own life.

We do have clowns, and the merely irrelevant. To my mind, it’s not so much about parties as it is about truth, which becomes more difficult to discern by the day. My progressive friends cannot appreciate the frustration I’m feeling at the corruption and greed that is rotting our country from within. Misinformation and propaganda are shamelessly bandied about by the establishment ruling class from both parties, and conveniently ignored by a news media that abandoned professional ethics and the role of government watchdog long ago. Outright lying is regularly left unchallenged, bias is blatant, and the industry is little more than an agenda driven corporate lobby that, no longer content to report, now seeks to become the news.

My husband and I don’t have TV anymore because we cannot afford it, but frankly it’s a breath of fresh air to get away from cable news. My days now are almost exclusively devoted to reading, studying, researching, and writing. And I must tell you in all seriousness and sincerity, that the U.S. is on the brink of economic collapse. That’s not an exaggeration. The dollar is, and has been, the reserve currency of the world, but it will almost certainly be replaced by either Russian or Chinese currency in the near future if our economy isn’t turned around soon. We will be hit with a level of inflation the likes of which has never been seen, and it will turn us into a third world country overnight. It would have happened already if not for the state of the Chinese economy. I only hope that it is not already too late to change the path we are on. It is debatable. The policies that are responsible were, in many cases, set in motion long ago. They’ve been political hot potatoes for many years, and one administration after another has chosen to pass on reform. We can’t pass them on any more, we’ve run out of road. Social Security Disability will be bankrupted completely by August 2016. No doubt what’s needed will be pulled from Social Security, hastening it’s impending demise. Our profligate spending and teetering debt during the past two administrations has put us in a severely compromised economic position, and each additional expenditure lessens the options for recovery. The center will not hold.

There will always be small groups and pockets of people with gripes, but they’ve escalated to a point where we find ourselves in a full-scale war of words where there is no mercy shown, and no quarter given. Some have genuine and legitimate problems. Some are greedy. Some are power-hungry. Some are rotted through with hatred. They are all loud. The language used and the activism we’re seeing is often appalling in its shock value, and deceptively built on a false narrative. That doesn’t stop the media from splashing these spectacles over the airwaves, granting them legitimacy, inciting greater foolishness with each sound bite. The well-behaved, the orderly, the lawful, are easily and purposefully ignored. People are losing their homes, their jobs, and their businesses. This is not the American way.

I am not a racist. I am not a homophobic. I do not hate old people. I do not want to take people’s health care, medications, or food away from them. I want everyone to have a place to live, water to drink, and clean air to breathe. I believe all people want the same things. I am not mean, cold, or hard-hearted. It is absolutely preposterous that, because I have different ideas about how to solve a problem, I should be called an idiot, a racist, a homophobe, anti-woman, anti-elderly, anti-environment. There are those in both parties that may be one or all of those things, but it is a relative few at best, and is most certainly happening on both ends of the political spectrum. Republicans are not, nor ever been, a party of hate, yet it is now perfectly acceptable to refer to us in that way and infer that we have always been just that. Somewhere along the line it was just assumed that conservatives are anti-black, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-anything and everything that is good. For years we’ve let it go, bit our tongues, went on about the business of living our lives, confident that the way we lived would testify to the absurdity of those claims. Instead, the drumbeat got louder, the rhetoric nastier, the lies repeated ad nauseam and simply accepted as truth. Republican blacks aren’t black enough, they are Uncle Toms, they are Oreos, they are traitors. Our women are dependent, weak-minded, barefoot and pregnant, kept servile by our men. Our people as a whole are brainwashed fools filled to the brim with talking points from Fox News, the great Satan. We are incapable of independent thought. We are rednecks and white trash and we watch NASCAR because no self-respecting black person would ever step foot in the venue. We are all filthy rich and have nothing but contempt for the undesirable poor slobs we keep down only to stomp on as we climb the almighty corporate ladder. We’re a party of old white men, and anyone of diverse culture or appearance is a wannabe sell out. We also hate kittens and puppies and children.

No more. Enough. I am done with it. I am proud to be on my side of the political fence. I am a good person, kind, caring, and loving. I am intelligent, well read, and a deep thinker. I accept nothing as the truth until I dig deep, go beyond the rhetoric, get to the bottom. I watch with a discerning eye, and listen with an open mind. I think with my brain and love with my whole heart. I am not evil, my thoughts are not dark, my conscience is not rotten. And I do not associate with people who are any of those things. Do not paint me with your broad brush for the sole reason that I don’t worship at the altar of Progressivism.


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